Top Chef Colorado

(Gwenn) #203

So, what do you think of the outcome? It seemed to be pretty evenly matched, and I rooted for both but I like who won.

(kim) #204

So who won fan favorite? I went to but there was no winner shown.


I don’t think they’ve done that for several seasons, @gaffk. At least none that I’ve seen.


I liked Adrienne’s imagination and look of her dishes better.

(kim) #207

They definitely had a fan fave this season:

And I saw an ad that it would be revealed on “Watch What Happened” after the finale. But for some reason, there’s no announcement on the web site.


Well the general lack of posting about the finale on here speaks volumes about where TC is right now …

I was hoping Adrienne would win and was really impressed with her. Though I’m not upset that Joe won.

What I really liked about this finale was that I felt like all the chefs were in it to do their best, help whomevers team they were on, and supported each other. I’ve always disliked when a chef returns as a sous chef and isn’t in it to still help whomevers team they are now on. So for that I really enjoyed the finale.


Yup, they did. Here’s the link to Andy’s show. The Fan Favorite is revealed just after the first break–as expected it was Fatima. She’s there in the audience in the middle of her chemo treatment, along with Adrienne. But yes, surprised it’s not listed on Bravo’s website. Maybe so as not to “take away” from Flamm’s win?

(kim) #210

Thanks Linda! I’m glad Fatima won . . . she was my favorite. So sad to hear about her diagnosis.


Just back from Tuscon and watching it… Adrienne’s father was a Black Panther?.. “I’ll take your Mandigo and raise you one”. The work ethic comment was also pretty sweet. Hope it’s true.


This was the season of the best parent back story, for sure …


I’m also glad that Fattie won… I loved her.

She really got Joe the win with the cake that she slaved over (and over … and over …)


Here is Adrienne’s after the show story. She appears to be getting married on Saturday!

Adrienne Cheatham’s Life Has Basically Completely Changed

(Gwenn) #215

I forgot to mention that I was glad that the finale was shot in the same time frame as the show. One thing I always disliked was when the finale was months later and they reunite for the finale after several months have gone by.

(Andrea) #216

I wonder why they changed it. Maybe no other state tourism board could compete with CO this time?


Doing it!

(Gwenn) #218

I enjoyed it so much! Today they are showing all of season 8 on Bravo - what was the all star year. Since I’m sick, I have my day planned!


Fatima Ali, ‘Top Chef’ fan favorite, dies at 29 :confused:


Oh man. That is really sad.:cry:


Yes, I saw like that earlier. Damn, only 29!