Today is National Pancake Day -- How do you pancake?

September 26, 2022, is National Pancake Day, how do you pancake?

Me, personally, I like to use almond powder, peanut butter powder, a bit of miso paste, and almond milk.

And I like to make a PB&J sandwich with pancakes, as well as a “burrito” using pancakes stuffed with bacon, avocado, eggs and Chinese pork floss.

You? How do you pancake?

My favorite homemade pancakes so far are the Brioche Pancakes from Mark Bittman’s How to Bake Everything. Basically a yeasted pancake with a fair amount of butter and egg. The rise helps to hydrate the flour and eliminates the chalkiness sometimes present in quick bread type recipes.
Definitely a weekend breakfast, but they do hold in the fridge for a couple of days.
I prefer these served with a good jam or fruit compote and a pat of butter.

Wait, it calls for butter to be added to the batter?

Isn’t that, um, just one step away from pound cake? Fried pound cake? Not there’s anything wrong with that, but not exactly pancakes …

Melted butter (6 T) added with the milk to dry ingredients (flour, sugar, yeast, salt). After it rises, the eggs are beaten and mixed in.
They are more like a breakfast bread or a thin, sweet brioche and not at all dense like a pound cake. The yeast keeps them fluffy and the eggs and butter add richness.

A day late, or maybe 364 days early for next year.


Pigs in a blanket is my absolute fav (even the Jimmy Dean pancake dogs on a stick).

Even better (but not a pancake), a good Monte Cristo!

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Monte Cristo with pancakes as the “bread” …

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No flour?

Hmm… maybe thick crepes or thin pancakes, rolled up with ham, turkey, swiss, and a dijon aioli… served with a raspberry/maple puree. Yum!

But still think I would prefer the egg battered bread.

Sorry, I meant “almond flour

Why not egg battered pancakes?

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Seems a little rich to me. I think the crepes would work out fine for this, but batter/frying pancakes seems a little over the top.

I got that. I meant no carbs, which you confirmed.

Do nutella crepes count? Cuz I will wreck a couple of those…


Not a huge pancake fan, but when I make them, I make these ricotta pancakes from Bobby Flay (not the compote, just the cakes). The orange flavor is amazing with maple syrup, but sometimes I use lemon zest, which is also nice. Super light and fluffy, they truly melt in your mouth.

Thanks for the inspiration - my pancakes are always savory and international, and today they were scallion pancakes / pajeon.


This year (2023) National Pancake Day is February 28, 2023.

IHOP is celebrating with free pancakes.

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I like palacsinta, blintzes, and crêpes with lemon and sugar the best.

I think I’ll get some Hungarian take-out tonight, for the palacsinta.

I didn’t know it was National Pancake Day, thanks @ipsedixit !!
Sunshine likes Blueberry Pancakes. I make her a short stack for brunch.

Dark chocolate chip pancakes, chantilly cream and powdered sugar