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Be safe!!!


I’ve also seen a suggestion to put a coin on the top of a cup of ice or other frozen liquid. If the coin settles to the bottom, the freezer has defrosted.


Bear I post this with love and just for the humor of it … I hope you read it that way …

Did you hear that from a few posts above? :wink:


Ha, guess I should read the whole thread before posting! :grin:

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Finally found this thread again. Couldn’t remember the name.

Here are some more I’ve been saving:

This is how a box grater is supposed to be used.



I use a muffin tin for curing egg yolks. Can be used for condiments as shown here.

Spatter guard. I make mine with a cardboard box.



Do people really do this? I just press with a spatula. I like my steak quite rare so no need to press hard.

Texts are so small but I think it’s about how to loosen the bacon slices.

Handy for in the summer.


Graters again.





More uses for ice cube trays. You have to click on the long photo twice to see a bigger image.

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I put out a bottle of red wine with a skosh of wine still let in the bottom = fruit fly coffin. Every day I put a stopper in the neck and up-end it so the wine scent travels.

Sad but effective.

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Oh, and. You know those annoying small net bags used for garlic, shallots, etc? Wad some up into a larger beg = best scrubby. Can also be used in your sink drain to catch bits. Pull it out, put in a bowl to dry, then shake the dried bits into the trash.

Also they can be used to dry and store used steel wool, used Brillo pads. Anything that needs air circulation.


Oh my God, I gasped when I saw the muffin and bundt pans used like that!

The only issue I have with using a box grater that way is that it’s not level and I cut myself more than when I stand it up.


I dunno what that guy is doing cutting the pepsi can in half but don’t do that!! waaaaayyy too easy to slice yourself a nice deep cut in the hand. Cut aluminum cans are like a scalpel!
(Ask me why i know this)

Some good ones here! I can’t wait to once again practice my watermelon ripeness identification skills…


He’s making some kind of cockeyed popcorn popper that involves a fondue candle - doesn’t seem worth the trouble or the danger to me.

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Brilliant. But, what is leftover wine?

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When we were in South Africa, a few years back, we came across a guy who was doing “art” from cans. We bought one he’d shaped into an elephant from a single can. It’s really quirky. I would photograph it for you but it isnt where I remember us displaying it. Hope we still have it somewhere in one of the junk boxes in the loft.


A friend brought me back one of those. It is brilliantly constructed!


The muffin pan condiment tray idea is clever yet not something I’d be likely to use. The cardboard spatter guard next to an open flame seems less than brilliant.


Yup - I’d rather clean up grease than cleanup what is left from a fire!