Things you cook only for yourself

I’ve had this once - at a restaurant in Boston. Not a dessert for the calorie counters. I loved it.


Big pot goes a long way on camping trips. We work it off. :wink:

My Jamaican in-laws seem to think porridge is a good idea for breakfast for a group. I can understand the relative ease of preparation. I think any cooked grain qualifies, but in their house, its usually white hominy ( and not hominy GRITS that my dad from Alabama so enjoyed), with a PSTO condensed milk. Husband has that on cornflakes! :grimacing: Sooo sweet. At least I don’t have to paricipate. Maybe on my short list of things I won’t eat. I’ll eat savory, baked, or overnight "old fashioned " oatmeal in a heartbeat.

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The beauty of choice.

I think it’s fair to say that it’s usually easier to make choices in your own home.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 a just perceptible sweetness, and 10 like an “Almond joy”, how sweet is the one your recipe makes? I’d love to make this flexible at serving.

I really did enjoy that link. I am surprised that I missed that one! I will have to be more dilligent.

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They were probably less picky, but just as hard to fit in to my working mom routine. But that was a while ago. Right now, they know what’s up.

Matzo brei. Corned beef hash. Deviled ham sandwiches. Any game.

There are things I prefer not to eat. Okra tops that list. There are also things I’m happy to eat but I’d rather eat less than ends up in our meal plan. Seafood mostly.

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With you on the seafood. It’s my older son that doesn’t want it. We rarely have it at home. Maybe once per month or less often? And we kept joking last year, when he was a senior in high school, that once he was out of the house, we could eat seafood weekly. But then covid, and so we deferred his start a year. So still, no seafood… :frowning: An occasional shrimp burger, or a poke bowl on the weekend (while we make him hot dogs).

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I make it with a “dollop” of scmilk. Since it is an optional topping; last step you can adjust it. We keep a jar of scmilk in our frig for a sorts of reasons so for me its an add on if I’m in the mood. The porridge is delicious without it too.

Nothing is too good for cats.


Rice pudding that’s not kheer
Savory-ish ice creams, like Japanese rice seasoning or olive oil
Fried dough scraps (puff pastry, pie dough, bread dough), can go savory or sweet direction
Caramel chocolate sauce
Coffee (I’m the only coffee drinker in the whole extended family, unless you count Starbucks Caramel Frap)
Fancy grilled cheese
Cold noodles
Red sauce-less pasta
Red sauce-less pizza
Lots more things I can’t remember

A lot of these things, like fancy grilled cheese or fried dough concoctions, I make with leftovers. Honestly, my eaters would eat grilled cheese and fried dough every day, so I’m doing what’s best for them by eating it myself. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. And the caramel chocolate sauce is in a jar labeled “jaggery”. OK, I’m a bad person. Oh yeah, I only make fried rice balls and fried mac&cheese balls for myself, too.

Slowly, though, they are encroaching on my exclusivity. They are asking for white pizzas and coffee-flavored desserts. They thought my rice seasoning ice cream was black sesame and ate all of it. The kid just asked for pasta without red sauce a couple days ago. I think non-kheer rice pudding is the only item really left just for me.

Sometimes I will cook for myself and “force” them to eat it. I will make a rice bowl with non-basmati rice, adding items like avocado, canned mackerel, umeboshi, blanched spinach, toasted sesame seeds, chili flakes, soy, etc. They are sort of upset that they like it. But I can’t blame them when I make Thai food. I’m very hit or miss with Thai, but I enjoy cooking it.


I’m using that.

True! But once introduced some better stuff to them, there is no way back. Need to be very careful in the selections! :laughing:

Looking at the lists here, I would say I consider myself lucky. Partner eats more or less the same food as me, maybe with some differences in preferences, but basically he eats nearly everything I cooked.

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There’s another type of blood sausage (in Germany) that looks similar from a distance, but tastes different again. in Düsseldorf this type of blood sausage is eaten cold as starter or a snack to go with beer. The texture is a little porous and not “heavy”. Close-up of one sliced right through:

In Düsseldorf it’s served in this manner: with onion rings, mustard, and Düsseldorf-style rye rolls. In Köln/“Cologne” it’s served with Köln-style rye rolls. Same rolls, in different shapes. These 2 cities are fierce opponents.

Ich bin ein Düsseldorfer!


Shrimp is something I make when my wife is away. She doesn’t like it no matter how I prepare it. She’ll eat scallops and lobster, but draws the line on shrimp


Haha, there are few things I cook for myself because they are tend to be ‘lazy’ types of dishes, but I admit to enjoying these as occasional treats to myself as well.

Spam fried rice - I don’t think anyone in my family or my friends would object to the tastiness of this, but not something I would go out of my way to make for anyone else. Same is when I get super lazy and can’t even bother with opening the can of spam - I make a2 fried eggs, with runny yolk and toss on a wee bit of soy sauce. This stuff is so good with plain white rice; when the runny egg yolk gets on the rice, it’s heaven.

I also make salmon ochazuke. While the salmon is fine to serve on any other occasion, throwing it over a bowl of old leftover rice with the flavoring tea pack and hot water is a little too low end even for my family. :joy:


Please say you don’t chop them. It should be a crime to do that to an innocent oyster.

I had fifty this time, I ate at least forty unscathed except for chewing.

i did cut up a few for the ceviche.

Is cut up any better than chop? Anyway, I still have five live oysteres left.


You get a pass.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold