Things you cook only for yourself

Rooster gave me this great idea for a thread. What do you cook only for yourself? I.e. perhaps no one in your household likes it but you. Or it’s a guilty pleasure and you need to wait until they’re all out of the house.

For me, for starters it would probably be sloppy joes. And a cold pasta salad with a buttermilk dressing.

Broccoli steamed in the microwave with a little butter and salt on it, eaten with my hands while standing over the sink. Slices of smoked turkey rolled up like a cigar and eaten straight out of the bag. I wouldn’t call any of it cooking, really.

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So many things.
Soft cooked eggs.
LOTS of bacon. Toast. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Okay, scratch those three. That’s me being selfish.

Pork belly. Raw oysters. ANY oysters. Cheese omelets. Deviled eggs. Ceviche. Guacamole. Chicken wings. Chicken thighs. Things with nuts.

Everything but four things.


Do none of your household like ANY of those? Wow. Must make the cooks role challenging. To a lesser extent I have the same issue!

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Thought about this for a minute. My guests eat what I eat for that evening. I might cook the beefeater lamb . The clam eaters mussels. The poultry eaters rabbit .They know they will always be challenged and love it . Cheers. So I have nothing.


Usually just me and the hubs. Good thing he’s a good man. :smirk:

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Tuna (which my partner regards as only fit for cat food).

And game - which she regards as having too much flavour (although her objection to rabbit is that it’s too much like chicken, which she eats but usually without enthusiasm).


You mean can tuna, I guess. High grade sushi tuna are too good for cats.

Legumes. Cold pasta or rice salad.

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No, that’s her view about any tuna - even such like high grade sushi tuna (which neither of us has ever eaten)

Sometimes we eat 2 different things. We eat what we like, no problem at my house. But when I am home alone I like to eat offal (especially livers), crab claws, shellfish and roe. I have livers from different animals in the freezer already cooked sous vide so it’s easy to make a meal on short notice.

This is pig’s liver, my favourites are calf’s and lamb’s.




If the roe look good I buy a lot, then portion and cook them SV and freeze.


I love roe

The partner will eat roe if cooked like this (steamed with beaten eggs):


The partner won’t touch this, either. More for me.

Also strongly repulsed by something containing blood. I love it.
“Heaven and earth” is the name of this meal. Mashed potatoes, fried onions and apples. Blood sausage.

Düsseldorf-style blood sausage. The kind you eat cold and wash down with lots of beer.

A new thing I learnt in Moldova: eating smoked fish straight up using my hands (Moldovans wash them down with many a litres of beer at the same time). The partner does not eat this but happily helps me remove the flesh as I am a slow eater.

Like the Portuguese saying: “One eats what (s)he likes best”. Indeed.


Most definitely chopped liver. I make mock liver out of portobello mushrooms for family/parties but I have enjoyed the chicken livers, egg, garlic pasty spread with crackers forever.

Cabbage anything. This is delicious prepared in every which way but I am required to open the windows when I cook with cabbage…not broccoli, cauliflower or B sprouts; just cabbage.

Hot cereal. My wife enjoys a very small, cold breakfast. My son lives on boxed cereal. Me, I love hot cereals, porridge, all kinds all cultures.

Being semi retired, I can indulge now.


Okra (frozen, microwaved).

Mark will eat it in curries and such, but not straight.

Good thing indeed! Zoiks. There is a lot he won’t eat! Were your kids less picky that he is, so that when they were growing, at least you could cook for 3?

Mine is also picky in odd ways. Generally he doesn’t categorically reject most things, but rejects preparations of them. So eggs are ok, but scrambled or boiled. Never a runny yolk. Cheese is ok cold but not hot, unless pizza or some parm in a pasta. Cream cheese and ricotta never ok. Things like that. Where my kids are both predictably and unpredictably picky, so I know what they won’t like, but they often surprise me with extra stuff, including stuff they liked a week/month/year ago.

I like all kinds of tuna, but I’m a little sympathetic with her on the game meats. I wonder if she wasn’t exposed as a youngster. Sometimes that is the trick. Things I probably wouldn’t try as an adult but eat them because they were served to me as a kid. Another thread! The “gamiest” I go is lamb, and maybe a bite of husband’s duck at a resto. He, though, will order goose, goat, squab, and whatever. He also spent time in the Maine woods, where they hunt such things, as a teen.

Presunto, you are hard core. I suspect that a lot of people would take your husband’s side on these :slight_smile: Some of your goodies would be very at home on an episode of Andrew Zimmern’s bizzare eats.

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I LOVE chopped liver. As a Russian Jew, my grandparents made chicken liver pate all the time. Still buy it in the Russian groceries when available. I’m pretty sure my husband is meh about it. Cabbage also a lovely lovely thing. I part ways with you on most hot cereal. I think oatmeal is prison food. I do like cream of wheat, but only prepared with milk and sugar.

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My h and I are unified on okra, although the kids don’t eat it. We will order it often in Indian places. I was all sorts of sad when I tried and miserably failed to grow it this year. We had a cold, wet summer. Now smoky. Something is robbing us of all our decent weather!!! (NW Wa state).

That looks a “proper” black pudding to me - just the right amount of fat. One of the stalls at a market I visit periodically, on the other side of the metro area, sells similar. They also sell a lean version. Nope, no idea what that one tastes like

If you are up for something completely different in the hot cereal realm, this one is one of my all time favs and SE gave it some recent exposure.

The last step lets you figure out how sweet or savory you like it.

Cream of wheat
Cream of rice
Farro with almond milk
Bulgar with thinned yogurt
Warmed corn cakes with heated milk
Baked oatmeal with blueberries
Indian pudding
Savory porridge
…just to name a few