The Short Life Span of Appliances Nowadays


I have to say our Bosch dishwasher cleans way better than our old KA. Drying is fair even on extra dry

I still have an aversion to putting dishes with food in the washer. Just seems so wrong


I can’t do it. Everything is wiped off or rinsed whether it goes in the dishwasher or is washed by hand.

Living alone it takes about 5 days to fill the dishwasher. It would get rather nasty if the dishes hadn’t been rinsed!


I’m sorry, Consumer Reports, I must have deleted that info when I deleted my initial post.
there is additional more detailed info available.
As mentioned down thread when purchasing appliances I too now prefer to buy a floor model
with extended warranty, because it just makes so much $$$$ sense, particularly at PC Richards because their store warranty’s are great will replace if necessary, just make sure to keep good records when dealing with any kind of service. Some televisions like plasmas aren’t repairable.


Sorry, I just don’t get it. Cuisinart and Le Creuset aren’t belong to the same company, or is it in US?


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The two brands are okay. My friend has a Miele dishwasher around 20 years old, no problem at all.

My Siemens (technicians explained they are exactly the same as Bosch, difference is just marketing and cosmetic aspect) is nearly 10 years old, is working fine, though noisier compared when it was younger.


What type of glasses do you put in the machine? I put some Ikea glasses, and they became damaged permanently with a cloudy appearance and scratch lines… with frequent washing. Other ceramics don’t have any problem. I become panic, stop washing good glasses with the washing machine.


Same here, if not the filter will collect much food and will start having the E24 error.

At the end of the day, I still find hand washing faster, and avoid piling up of unwashed items. I really dislike discharging the dish washer.


Cuisinart is an American Company, their famous food processor came out in 1973. I bought one, was Ade in Japan. However, sometime in 1990’2, I managed to crack the bowl of my Cuisine by poring hot soup in it. It was till working but when I had the chance to buy a newer model, with 2 bowls, I did and gave my older Cuisinart away. I was not aware that Cuisinart had changed hands and is now being made in China.
LeCresuet is a French Company famous for they cast iron enamel cookware made in France. However, they also have other cookware.
Le Creuset products that are not cast-iron may be made in other countries, such as China(accessories or silicone products), Thailand (kettles and ceramics), England (enamel cleaner), Portugal (stainless steel).[ citation needed ]and Swaziland (clay pots).[ citation needed ]


Appreciate it. Just learning that LG makes all the OLED screens in the market and each brand apparently fields its own processors.


If you are looking for something very specific, I can look it up for you online at Consumers if you like. Good luck, try not to yourself insane like I would!


My understanding was that the “original” Cuisinarts were re-branded and sold in the US by Cuisinart, but were manufactured by Robot Coupe, a French company that made (and still makes, or at least sells) kitchen equipment targeted to the professional market, including the very first commercial “food processors” of all, which were sold exclusively under the “Robot Coupe brand” (analogous to the situation with the original Kitchen Aid mixers which were basically “consumer versions” of professional Hobart mixers).

I don’t remember exactly when the consumer models stopped being made (in France) by Robot Coupe and their production shifted to Japan, but I was given a “Cuisinart” made in France in either 1983 or 1984, and I also have one of the later Japanese models (inherited from my mother), which I’m pretty sure was bought either in the late '80s or early 90s. I have no recollection of when production was shifted yet again, the next time to China, but it’s been quite a while now - I think it happened some time in the later 90s…

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I once burned out a new Cuisinart immersion blender making freakin’ soup, yet my mom’s La Machine food processor from the 1980’s works like a charm.

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I had an original Cuisinart and it was a workhorse. Now that I know they were made by robot coupe, I see why. Later models I had were no where near as good, and I now have a Breville, which I love.


Mike G is correct. They were originally manufactured by Robot Coupe from France and later Japan. I bought mine just after1979, when our house was finally ready for occupancy.It was a workhorse except for the act that stupid me cracked the bowl when I added hot soup to it. However, it still worked as long as I do not add liquid to it . When Costco had a sale on a later model with option a second bowl, I bought that and gave my original to my worker. It was the shredder disc that was recalled and that is when I realized it was made in China. That took over a year for replacement. At the time I purchased my first set, I also purchased a set of disc ( I believe 8 total) and I bring them out when I make spring rolls.

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I had an original Cuisinart which I got on the '50% Off The Lowest Ticketed Price" table so I paid like $40 for it which was a real steal. (there’s a common theme here in my buying practices) Anyway - it lasted more than 30 years until the spindle finally wore down & wouldn’t turn the blades anymore. Along the way - it made all the baby food for 3 kids, countless cookie doughs & biscuits and ever other thing I could think of to use it for. What a workhorse. When it finally died, Costco had a deal on a Kitchenaid processor which I bought & was the worst appliance I ever owned. After a year or so I finally dropped one of the lexan parts & it broke. I was so relieved I went out that very afternoon & bought another Cuisinart. which I love but we’ll see if it has the durability of the first one.


Just received email from Le Creuset
It looks like the estimated arrival date of their advanced wine pull is tentatively arriving Feb 2019. They asked me again if I want $200.00 towards anything from their store that is not exclusive .
I have waited since August 2017 and will continue to wait.
They do not have it for sale at their store but has them for sale at WS, wine stores.
I just do not understand how they can let someone wait that long.
Of course, I have the original rabbit pull from them still no problem.

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So, speaking of appliances… My upstairs neighbor’s washing machine hose broke… while he was out. Dining room, laundry room, foyer & half of the living room are all flooded. Looked like Niagara Falls coming out of the light fixtures. Watta mess. ServPro is here ripping out carpets & sucking up water even as I write…

Great way to spend Thursday evening.


After 3 disasters and semi-disasters we’ve learned to live on the top floor, plus you’re less likely to get broken into.


Oh dear. So sorry you are having to deal with that. Hopefully the carpet needed replacing? :woman_shrugging:


I hope your neighbour and the insurance will take care of all the damages!

That’s probably true, years before, we did have a bathtub loose joint that we didn’t notice. Water damage was seen after months of penetration to the flat below. On the other hand, at my parents’ place, the ceiling of 1 room has permanent water damage due to problem a rooftop terrasse that was badly conceived and constructed, with several reparation, the problems still was not solved.