The Short Life Span of Appliances Nowadays

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That’s the problem with everything nowadays. The parts are made here there and everywhere. Then put together somewhere else. And no, I’m not happy about that.


I was displaying a dishwasher at work and the motor was made in Slovakia of all places.


My appliances probably have visited more countries than I have!

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s a pitiful state of affairs.


We have three dishwashers, one we use for storage, the other two are the Wifeacita and myself.

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Samsung refrigerators are made in South Korea not China. And your comment about “little Chinese engineers” with no electricity is offensive.


Do they include tv? (Sorry for off topic)


I was recently given a box full of women’s magazines from the early '70s.
They are an interesting time capsule of home, food, and fashion.

Came across an advertisement that made me think of this thread:

Times sure have changed. Now corporate shareholders would be irate that consumers hadn’t switched out that fridge 3 times in that period of time!


Yes, but the worst is TCL, a Chinese brand that bought Sharp, we get a lot back.


Which 4K TVs do not come back?


I’m in a different area of the store now and don’t really see the returns but it seems the 4ks are more reliable. My advice is to bite the bullet and buy the warranty, it’s a crapshoot but where I work 50" and above have in home service, you don’t want to be lugging a 65" inch tv in for warranty work.


Every brand make and model have problems. This is why Toyota and Honda have service departments, the two makes my long time mechanic advises me to buy. I just sold my 15 year old Camry and picked up a new Corolla, 17,800 drive out, cash. I’m not paying 50 large or whatever a new SUV costs.


Thank you. We’re waiting for OLED prices to get closer to Earth, and in the meantime wondered whether reliability reputations for mechanical devices might carry over to electronics.


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Best TV Overall

LG OLED65B8PUA, $2,600

Best TV Overall, Part II

Sony XBR-65A8F, $3,200

Best TVs That Aren’t OLEDs

LG 65SK9500PUA, $2,200
Samsung QN65Q9FN, $3,300

Best Super-Sized TV

Sony XBR-70X830F, $1,600
LG 70UK6570PUB, $1,000

Best TV for Under $1,000

TCL 65R615, $970


I was very upset when Cuisinart took over one year to replace my shredder disc bec of defect. I was with chowhound then, with daily bombardment against Cuisinart because they did not have replacement claiming they had millions to replace, but yet, they were selling them if one is willing to pay for it.
Well, Le Creuset a company that I had admired, having purchased most of their cast iron equipments ( French oven, braised, deep frying pan, grill pan, different stonewares as well as a set of pasta dishes, different tools and 4 of their3.5 Q multi bowls) has been very unfair and I do not hear people talking about it. I have one of their original rabbit screwball, had to replace the screw part when it got messed up, but in 2010, bought their advanced lever foil and foil cutter set in a gift box for $200.00 as a gift for my husband on his birthday. Alas, the screw part broke and I had to send it in as it was under warranty in Auguste 20I6 have not received replacement yet. I was informed that it is still out of stock but yet, they are selling it for $200 at wine enthusiasts still where I bought it from. When I wrote to them, they say that the warranty replacement dept and sales dept are two different entities. They do not know when the replacements will be available bt can offer me another of the original screwball and a set of wine glasses. That is absurd, since I still have one of their screwball. and have over 200s items . I wander f anyone else has the same problem and wander if we can as a group write and force them to face up to their responsibility? It has been since Aug 2016 since they received my advance lever pull. I think 2 .5 years is too long a wait. They should replace mine from their sale department.


so sorry, I typed screwpull but auto correction made it screwball. Called them again today, was told they think the replacements will arrive 2019, but do not know when. S d for replacing my $200 advanced lever pull, they now consent to giving me $200 dollars worth of whatever from their store except anything exclusive. I am not accepting that as I have almost everything they have and there is no sense in buying extra. Only thing I do not have is a Tagine which I do to think I have any use for.

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About a year ago we got a real steal on a floor model Bosch dishwasher at Lowes. After their discount, some haggling with the manager, my wife’s military discount and a surprise $30 rebate at the cash register we walked out with the thing for about $350.

I can’t say enough good things about it. We use it a lot - a really lot. It’s a tank - whatever I stuff into it comes out clean. Just a fantastic machine.

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That is good to hear. We have a Miele dishwasher. It’s 10 years old now. I hate to say it - still going strong!!


What is the source of these opinions? Thank you.


Wholeheartedly second that. We’ve had a Thermador-branded Bosch DW (made by Bosch) for about 5 years. The DW came as a bonus “gift” on our purchase of a Thermador range.

From years working behind the bar, I automatically scrutinize every piece of glassware I pick up. This dishwasher has performed flawlessly, with no mechanical issues, and glassware/pots/dishes all come out spotless. We’ve had machines before that did not perform close to this machine, we’re sold.