The Short Life Span of Appliances Nowadays


I think not. They were contracted by our local Famous Tate Appliance store. You just kinda assume the people contracted by the appliance store are licensed. I will no longer assume. The guy from the repair company we contacted to initially investigate the sudden shut down of the washer was not only licensed but very thorough and knew his stuff. He was shocked by what he saw. The short shorted out the dishwasher electric plug as well and we had to wait to have that ordered and for him to come back out. I’d use him in a heart beat for any appliance issue we have in the future. Famous Tate dropped the ball in who they contracted with and how they handled the issue.

We outfitted our entire kitchen after our remodel with them and used them for the replacement of the dishwasher. We are looking at a replacing the fridge and ovens but will look else where going forward.


Keep in mind there is legal precedent in most states, that if the work subcontracted required a licensed firm perform the work, and they did not give the work to a licensed firm, not only are you entitled to a refund, but that firm (your appliance firm) must hire a licensed firm and perform the work at no charge…and that would have been your trusted “appliance store”…don’t be bashful to let them know they are not following correct protocol.
Sorry you had to gain this information the wrong way, and almost had a severe calamity! Thankfully you were not hurt!


Thanks for the info. They may have been a licensed firm but the guys they sent out were idiots if they were licensed, questionable, but I would have to go through too much hassle to deal with it further. My happy time is too precious

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So, I now have a French door LG that we bought in March 2017. In June we had to,replace the compressor. Now my fridge is running warm - freezer is ok. I cleared everything from in front of the air vents and will leave the doors closed for at least 1/2 hour and see if,the temp goes down. If not, here we go again and on the weekend before a holiday. I am so done!


My son has a similar LG refrigerator unit, and has had the compressor replaced as well , and the unit is just about 2 1/2 years old. He of course bout the extended warranty. Message to all stay away from LG kitchen appliances.


So sorry … I feel your pain having blown through what seems like a refrigerator a year over the past ten or so. Our new French door Frigidaire is acting crazy too … I can not tell you how happy I am that we purchased the floor model with the PC Richards store warranty … as per our repair person, high, middle, low end it’s only a matter of time.


Yes … our repair man warned us to stay away from LG and Samsung and would not have worked on the LG washer we had, had we not purchased the PC Richards store warranty … they will not repair their appliances because of the horrific overseas customer service and backed up parts issues.

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And I have a new LG induction range/oven.


I bought LG almost 10 years ago. The first had problems almost immediately. It was exchanged. The replacement had multiple problems at about the 15 month mark. I got where I knew how to “fix” the most common issue - the back interior panel once removed allowed hot water to defrost the part that kept freezing up. No idea how long that fridge lasted - left it when I left the ex.


Ugh, I am so sorry you have to deal with this mess again.

I’ve managed to save my food by placing dry ice in the fridge. I’ve combined that with an iced down cooler for the frequently used stuff and tried to open the fridge sparingly.

Perhaps renting a fridge is possible?

Have my fingers crossed for you!

Edit: I use my probe thermometer to monitor the temp. That way I don’t have to open the door and I can set it to beep if the temp drops below a set point.

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Fortunately, I have a smaller fridge in the basement so perishables are there now. How do you use the probe thermometer in the fridge? I am wondering if the Taylor I keep in there is accurate. The LG doesn’t display the current temp, only what it’s set at.


I wedged the probe between softer items (like a bag of bread or greens and snaked the cord out. The cord is just long enough that I can put the digital reader on the counter to the side.

You could just tape the probe in place with painters tape, washi tape, etc.

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I am mortified (and happy) to admit that the issue was not the fridge, it was the Taylor thermometer I had in the fridge. We decided to troubleshoot and put the one I had in the freezer into the fridge. That held at 35 degrees. I put the one from the fridge into the freezer and lo and behold, the temp went up to 59. I left everything for 1/2 hour and the fridge held at 35 while the freezer went up to 75. So I tossed that thermometer and hope that was the issue, since no way to get anyone here now until after the holidays.


It’s a Christmas miracle!


What a stupid lack of functionality!


Happy Friday!!! a glass of wine is in order!


This may be a little late replying but I guess you and I are of the old school. Hope u will be able to read this.
In 1969, I wanted to buy a gull wing, but my husband, then my BF thought I was too extravagant and thus, I ended up with a 280SL with convertible hood with the hard top which by the time we got married, was building this custom house that took 6 years before we could even moved in, had less than 30,000 miles on it.) I had to sell it bec the house still did not have a garage, we were short in cash and of course, no garage on a waterfront location meant a lot of salt water which would damage the car. I had an accident during an emergency with ice on the road , so it was in the shop for 6 months. I loved that car, and owned many Mercedes since. When I went to Germany, tried to buy one but was told it was unavailable esp with he stick drive and 5 shifts. When the station wagon diesel ( had over 400,000 miles) but had to turn it in bec AC kept on leaking, although MB warrantied it, charged it and gave me a loaner car, it was the perfect car for me. The last Benz , 2013, a E station wagon was in perfect condition but had a head on collision with a young punk on drugs, without insurance driving on the wrong side of the road. It was the car that saved my life. I had retired by then, thought it would be the last Benz I would own. Instead, had to buy a used BMW wagon ( cannot afford a new car when I also have a 2 year old BMW sedan that I did not like) as that is now the trend, my son wanting BMW instead. I never liked them, Have not driven the BMW sedan since 2013 but I am with you. Good old equipment last many years. My Vulcan stove has been around since we moved in 1979. The 3211 subzero’s fridge compressor went at which time , after 31 years, I decided to retire it. Being a plumber(?) , you have to understand that I have ARWAA faucets ( same model from 1979-2016) and when the ARWAA had a problem with the pull out chain, afraid it would leak, instead of finding parts, I looked for an ARWAA 2 years ago. I understand that the company in Sweden sold to a Spanish company and no production was in process then . Could not find an Area Quadriga at that time, searched everywhere, tried EU, but was told there is a difference in plumbing pressure, finally Gemini found me one that is exactly what I wanted, nickel plated but without the pull out . I went with it, and hope it will be the last during my lifetime.


The worst of both worlds, a Korean engineered appliance made in Mexico.


We get a lot of LG and Samsung products returned from service where I work.