The Short Life Span of Appliances Nowadays

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The new normal, for sure

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Both @jcostiones and you (@meatn3) have some last long lasting cars. Congratulation. 200,000 miles is quiet a feast even for today’s standard. Corolla, Camry, Civic and Accord are all nice cars which age well. I wish both of yours new cars continue to serve you well. Now, 100,000 is no longer to be bragged about. People used to brag about 100,000.


I loved that Civic. It was a great car. No problems at all* until it hit 15 years. Then it was $500 each time there was an issue and I no longer felt confident taking a long road trip.

*Except for the sideview mirrors. The interior ball joint imploded on each of them within a 2 week period at the 10 year mark.

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Yeah, I had a Honda Accord which I really did not take care of. Passed its 13th year, it was getting a little more expensive to fix. Still, I was driving it and hoping to last until 15 years, and next thing I know, it was stolen from me before it reached its 15 years birthday. It was like 14 years something. I was pretty upset. Financially, the insurance actually probably paid me more than I could ever sell the car, but emotionally, I felt hurt and I was upset. A car can be very personal. It does not feel the same as other objects.


Good grief … I have spent at least 5 hours this week on the phone with PC Richards and my Appliance company, ninety nine percent of the time was spent listening to PC Richards lie, fabricate stories and throw my appliance guys under the bus … guess what, that got them in deep doo doo. They went from we are issuing you a credit because your machine is not repairable however you will forfeit your extended warranty. “NOPE” to we will give you the remaining 3 years “NOPE” to okay, pick a new machine with new extended warranty … “okay acceptable”
I’ll believe it’s a done deal when I have the credit in my hand, still waiting for that call back.

It helps that DH has worked in a similar industry in an upper management capacity, he understands warranty’s, returns, replacements, self insurance, what is and isn’t cost effective for the seller and of course the bullshit … he is not surprised by what they have tried … Back to the conversation, each time I asked for the corporate phone # which was pretty much every time they would say something (lie) I would be put on hold, each time they came back they upped the offers I referenced above. There was a lot of "did you read your service contract conversation in-between but that stopped when they realized that they slandered my appliance guys and I had email proof … to be continued.

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LOL - meanwhile, back at appliances!!!


You are totally correct about that emotional attachment. I have my 1999 Mercedes SL500 2 seater since 2002, and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed many a Sunday afternoon going to yard sales, fresh markets, Happy Hours… I took it off the road 2 years ago and it sits in the garage because the insurance was getting a bit too much, since I was driving it only about 500 miles per year . the car was always my second toy so it never got driven too many miles, It has about 100K miles on it.
My wife passed on more than 6 years ago, and I just cannot bring myself to sell it… (It will have it’s 20th birthday in November of 2018, and it can then be insured as a “collector car” bringing the insurance down to about $300/ year, instead of the $2,400/yr I was paying here in NYC)…

Great strong reliable car and still drives…well like a Mercedes!




Short Life Spans…OK I am guilty of steering us off…but now we can get back…
My Thermador wall oven has had two brain boards in the last 8 years @ a cost of $400+… The combination micro/wall oven was about 4K new…I need to get at least another 10 years out of it, before I replace it…I hope so…

PS Thermador told me that the board is too close to the top of the oven compartment and that I should limit the use of the broiler function so as to limit the amount of heat exposure to the board…I asked their service rep. then why did you build the unit with a broiler??? and why can’t the board be relocated in the unit as a fix to the problem… long silence on the phone…I will refer your problem to the engineering dept…yeah right!


I may have found the way to purchase a refrigerator that makes the most sense, only time will tell, but first the washing machine. We were able to exchange our current disaster with a Maytag washer, that was highly rated by Consumers. A big old non energy efficient agitator machine, don’t care if I have to replace my clothes more often as long as they are clean. I was so sick of watching our stupid LG spend half the cycle “sensing” Puh lease!

DH chose the refrigerator, a highly rated counter depth Frigidaire gallery. He bought the floor model, got a thousand dollars taken off the price and added a 10 year parts and labor warranty. The final cost with the 10 year warranty was still significantly less that the fridge would have been new with no warranty. I was promised that short of throwing rocks at the fridge on a regular basis the warranty would cover everything, and if not fixable will be replaced. Can’t wait for DH’s first meltdown when he fully realizes just how little food fits into a counter depth fridge :rofl:
Will keep you posted :cold_sweat:

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So true!!! Although my fridge is very deep and, at 5’2" I can’t reach the stuff in the back!