The New Mr Pizza Slice, Red Bank

So after parking out on 35 to avoid the jack booted minions of obersturmbahn parking führer Pasquale Menna, Esq. I hiked in the half mile on Monmouth St to the “new” Mr Pizza Slice for lunch.

Exterior has been freshened up a little:

Interior freshened up a lot:

Synthetic stone counters, exposed brick work, and new quarry tile floors. But the floors were still dirty. The counter guy was yelling at me “It’s a Red Bank Institution” as I snapped the photo. Like I didn’t know…

The selection of slices has improved. I decided to give some of the new offerings a chance, so I spread it out and ordered a pepperoni, a meat ball, and a Philly cheese steak:

There were a number of issues. The slices were not reheated properly and had cold spots. Eeuuwww! (@NotJrvedivici) How hard is it to reheat a slice? Also, I asked for a cup of water, and the guy threw a cup at me that I had to fill in the (dirty) bathroom. Finally, the cheese shaker on my table contained no Parmesan, only moldy rice kernels. I know it’s “no frills” but at least you expect the “no frills” to be competently executed.

The slices were ok, but bland, which is how I remember the old place. Their crust, however, is superb with a delicate crunch to the bottom. Of the three slices, the best was the meatball. But even that slice was lots of tomato and no spice, other than the meatball itself. Even the pepperoni was bland. The tab ? $ 10.25 which is more than the much better Brothers bar pie.

I swear Chucky Cheese puts out a pie with more flavor than these.

Bottom line: three perfectly acceptable if unremarkable slices. Which is kind of how I remember the old Mr Pizza Slice.

Please remember to quote me when you use that phrase, I don’t want to sue you for plagiarism.

Honestly I probably would have just left at that point.

I concur, however I never went there for their pizza they were the only game in town for an Italian Hot Dog, did they keep that on the menu? (It was “acceptable” but not good as well)

Italian dog still barking. I think it’s $4.50.

They also have cheese steaks, but based on the cheese steak slice I would not be in a big hurry get back for this.

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I forgot to add slices seemed smaller than I remember.

I think they used to cut 6 slices to a pie, and now it is 8 slices.

Please see amended post.

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Unfortunately I had already paid.

Plus I was resolved to take one for the team.

Honestly it was the moldy rice kernels in the bottom of the cheese shaker that really grossed me out.

The only reason to go to Mr. Pizza slice is for the round “fries” IMO. And that’s not exactly a compelling item, just a fun distraction.

Can I just say “Ew”?

And I had high hopes for a good Red Bank cheese steak…

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Jr, I think that Italian hotdog is over rated. I’d take a windmill chili dog any day over that.

Vk, yeah the plain slices used to be big, 6 cut. That was all I ever got there and it was usually during some type of red bank event. So I’d go like once a year…decent plain slice back then.

Joon what’s up with those fries? I never heard about them. I just saw a commercial for Wendy’s Sriracha fries. I wonder how watered down that hot sauce is. I’m guessing it is some weak stuff.

Hey CJ,

Here’s what their “round fries” look like:

Nothing exactly spectacular or anything, but it’s different and novel, and on a good day pretty tasty. On a bad day it has no crisp to it. At least it’s not your average frozen fry. I just realized they use the same fries on their Italian dog. I personally think Italian dogs are one of the weakest junk food item that has ever been conceived so I’ll leave it at that. I mean, to each his own (and at least they are using good hot dogs, it looks like), but I just don’t get what’s compelling about that.

As for their pizza, I found it really average. Not in a particularly good or bad way.

We really ought to do a pizza crawl one of these days.

Jersey Joe’s in Belford reopens in May, mark your calendar :slight_smile:

Solid to exceptional Italian Hot Dog, served on pizza bread…the way it should be.

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Where exactly is Jersey Joes? I notice you say reopens, is it seasonal or was there a reason they have been closed? I’ve never heard of them, thanks for the info.

Right by the Spy House, and yes seasonal. They closed in October/November, iirc. 712 Port Monmouth Rd, Port Monmouth, NJ 07758

Old school hot dog place and other sandwiches. But really the only thing I’ve ever had there is the IHD. If you are a fan, give it a try.

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Thank you I certainly will!! Two things make a proper Italian hot dog for me; 1.) Pizza bread as you mention
2.) Actual sliced potatoes, not french fries.

Is the dawg house opening back up?

where are they?

Can’t say that I ever tried them, even when they were on 36 where Quik Chek is now.

I’m not sure. I was asking you lol. I heard they were going to open back up.

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I’m sorry but you forget the unmistakable greasy char you get on the onions potatoes & peppers from the unwashed plancha…

Without that it is just a hot dog with some weird sh1+ on top.

I also have to say that a fine all beef kosher dog is just wasted on an ISHD.

I never understood the kosher dog thing. Obviously if you practice then it makes perfect sense, but don’t you think there are better tasting dogs? I’m not saying they are bad, but I prefer a bunch of others that are readily accessible here.

I’m a big windmill sabrett guy and I like schickhaus. I also like both Nathans and sabretts natural casing dogs.

My mom buys Hebrew national dogs because she thinks they are healthier or some bs, and I’m always telling her to buy better stuff lol.

Hell we should move this over to a dedicated dog thread :slight_smile:

My personal favorite is Vienna Beef natural casing.

Around here I like Nathan’s. Both are non-kosher.