Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

Did you see notb was remodeled? They definitely lost some seating with the renovations. The stools are all gone. I am not sure what’s up. That placed was always packed with chilangos and that was part of its “dingy charm”

A few random thoughts…

Is the Jewish deli still open and any better?

Is Mr pizza slice any good under new ownership? I heard good things about their Italian hotdogs but I was disappointed (previous owners a while back)

What is up with the Danish cafe? That’s been on my radar to try for a few years. I’m slow :slight_smile:

I still need to try that tomahawk porkchop at catch.

Enjoyed danish cafe cpl times I’ve been, not huge portions but tasty.
Catch is moving to where Gotham is and they are opening a Mexican place there. Gotham was among the shadier places I’ve spent time so not sad to see it go. Red rocks is eating everyone’s lunch bar wise over there it seems.
I’m excited for bukaboo to open in Shrewsbury, won’t have to go to chipotle on eatowntown mall now.
Any new reports on Greek eats. Haven’t been in a bit, need to make another trip there soon.
Next in my list is prob jimmys after the glowing reviews on here or Angelica’s to celebrate the clearing out of sea bright for the season

I haven’t been too Greek eats in a while. I’m lucky that place is on the other side of town. I think I’d be there twice a week …at least.

Do you have any clue what kind of Mexican food place is going in there? We all know rent is high there so I’m not sure how a Mexican place is going to do. If they do something like copper canyon and make it a cool tequila bar with good food, I could see it working, but I am skeptical. In fact, I can predict this is some overpriced tapas joint serving quasi Mexican food and 13 dollar drinks.

@NotJrvedivici do you know anything and will they have a liquor license?

Ps, I have only had bubbakoos once and it was not bad. I’d like to try it again.

Oh yeah, I hate giving intel on good dishes since it seems everytime I do the places systematically raise prices, but the Angelica pork chop owns it.

Helga who is from Southern Sweden (right next to Copenhagen) has been and is less than impressed. She did like the coffee and pastries, however.

Also, the Danish guy who started it had health problems and moved back to Denmark. My understanding is he sold up, so there is no Dane in the Danish cafe anymore…

Mediocre Food + Liquor License = Another “Successful” Monmouth Restaurant !

Can you say ka-ching boys and girls?

How quickly they forget…

Nope, I got nothing. Speaking of Mexican Places is Carlos O’conners still open?

Funny but I guess they are owned by the same people as the Bistro in Red Bank. When I went to the Asbury Park oyster fest a couple weeks ago, the Bistro had a stand there and several of the people working it were also working at Greek Eats the day prior. As far as updates, they are now offering delivery, they have spray painted odd quotes in their parking spaces (Follow Your Dreams, Not the News - example) , they also have a very good spinach empenada. I also tried their french fries for the first time when my son ordered then and they were pretty good too, fresh cut and well seasoned.

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The two bugs are $26.95 on Tues and Wed nights. We went with friends last Wednesday night. The lobsters were at least 1 1/4 lb…seemed larger. Served with an ear of corn and roasted potatoes. They were the best-tasting lobster I’ve had in a long time.

They close Wednesday for the season.

Sadly, yes.

I still see the guy who used to be the original chef there hanging out at the bar at the Elks.

I knew it was owned by family who owns a cal other spots in RB, but this concept suits them I think. Prob will go downhill in a cal years when they inevitably try to franchise it.
The Mexican place will be BYO, so the VJ rule may not apply.
Did anyone ever hit up Gotham- one time I went it was a very weird vibe. From what kids that work for me tell me it was a big creeper spot with older dudes looking to hook up with 20’s ladies.
Here’s what I saw on Catch:

Gotham was brought to you by the brothers who owned the original Park East. When they opened Gotham it seemed they had caught lightening in a bottle again At first they were going great guns and the club was doing great business for them, I had only gone for drinks once (guess you can put me in the creeper category) and I wasn’t very impressed. I also went there for a business lunch one time and they handed me a menu for Catch. When I inquired the said they don’t open for lunch but will bring us lunch from Catch, I declined and went elsewhere.

Yes I remember you went a while ago. I was wondering if there were any updates.

Jr, did they plan to walk your meal down the sidewalk? (Serious question lol)

Yeah, exactly what I was wondering and why I didn’t stick around to find out.

I’m familiar with that

It’s a North Philly thing.


From the article…

“Remember the cupcake boom in downtown Red Bank a few years back? One of its contenders, Lil Cutie Pops, is closing August 20, owner Melanie Pomerico announced on the four-year-old shop’s Facebook page last week.
There was no immediate word on what might fill the space, at 16Monmouth Street.”

What ? There was a cupcake “boom” ? Did I miss something?

I’ve had one drink at Gotham, it was like a 14 dollar cocktail before a Chowdown at Catch. I asked them “What do you do for happy happy hour?” The guy looked at me like I was retarded and told me they don’t do happy hour. I thought “Well, I guess I’m never coming to this bar again.” And haven’t.

Seemed to me like yet another establishment that’s taking itself way too seriously in Red Bank, keeping the question “Why go to NYC when you can pay the same price here?” alive and well.

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Again from the article…

“While Catch is in the process of moving, its owners plan to create a BYOB Mexican restaurant, tentatively named Sur de Rio, at 9 Broad.”

Sur de Rio, really? That’s hilarious.

Wonder who came up with that?

It’s like that beef place Sir de Loin.

How is a byob place serving Mexican food going to even have a chance of surviving with that rent? They might as well put another half ass Italian joint in red bank or another mclooneys

Maybe I’m missing some thing but I can’t see a Mexican place lasting there long without liquor.

How many Mexican places are in rb? I can count at least 6 and these aren’t including bodegas, bakeries etc

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Yes, evidently you did!

You did in fact miss the great cupcake boom of 2013. It was a sight to behold!

I really can’t believe they actually referred to red bank as having a cupcake boom.

Red Bank needs a real serious Italian deli. I can’t fathom why there isn’t one. Delfini was OK but when you get 5 soccer mom escalades jockeying for position in a 30 yard parking lot, things get tough. Parking used to be terrible there and I wouldn’t even park in that lot. Local smoke seems to be hadling it a lot better.

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