The king was said to like his fried.......

As I sit here indulging in an after dinner treat/desert of some almond butter and cool whip (both low in carbs), I longed for one of my ultimate peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Since childhood I have enjoyed pb&j and through my adulthood that fondness has remained.

My ultimate pb&j was like a club sandwich or triple decker made with three pieces of white bread. First rule is it needs to be fresh white bread, softer the better, first day wonder bread style. The top piece of bread gets the peanut butter, chunky or super chunk a MUST!! Apply generously then attach what will be the mid piece of bread to the bottom of the peanut butter section. Now the jelly, plain old welches grape, keep your marmalade or jams, just give me plain old grape jelly BUT sprinkle some raisin in the jelly once spread. Yes, my ultimate PB&J has three pieces of bread with chunky peanut butter AND chunky jelly.

Pour a big ole glass of ice cold milk and sit back and enjoy your simple but delicious creation. I guess that pretty much also sums up why I got diabetes and don’t eat carbs or sugar anymore! Lol

So what is your preferred variation of this simple yet delicious treat?

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As you know, “the king” supposedly enjoyed mashed banana in his fried peanut butter sandwiches. As a kid, my peanut butter sandwich go-to was peanut butter and bacon, on toast. Haven’t had one in years. (Side note, I gave up regular bacon many years ago, but beef bacon is an acceptable alternative, IMO. In the olden days, it would have been regular bacon in that sandwich.)

I only recently (like in the last 6 mos.) learned of this delicious combination! It was just bacon dipped in peanut butter but I was shocked at how good it was.

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My mom used to make me PBJ sandwiches for my lunch at school . I got so sick of them I haven’t had one in 45 years .

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Mine as well, I use to get very annoyed if the jelly soaked thru the bread, other than that I have no bad memories of them. You should give one a try for old times sake, maybe rekindle your fondness of them.

Yea , I think enough time has passed . Why not .


Hmmm…let’s see. PB and strawberry spread on a bagel (raisin); PB on toasted wheat bread; PB and jelly on a club cracker (Ritz are now disgusting); PB and sweet pickles (after reading it in a mystery novel); frozen banana smooshed with PB on wheat toast; PB in a Kong - oops, that’s the dog’s treat; PB and jelly on a spoon; I guess that’s about it.

Jake Blues, I’m sorry that you had to abandon this amazing combination.

Oh, and I had to switch to Skippy, since if I have JIF in the house it won’t last the night. Yes, I’ve tried the gourmet and the organic and even made my own, I like JIF.

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PB & strawberry or raspberry jam on white bread with a layer of plain chips. ripple is fine. Salty-sweet at its best!

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PB with sliced bananas.
PB with honey.

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I favor single-side toasted no-knead white bread, chunky PB, and a sour jam like gooseberry. Or go the other way with PB and a good honey…

As a kid, toasted a single slice of bread, then sliced the bread open from the side to expose the inside untoasted surfaces and spread those with pb&j, then close it back up to look like the original single slice.

As said here…PB , smooth or chunky on the bottom half of a plain bagel, Smuckers apricot or strawberry preserves about twice a year.

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Now and forever when you have a pb&j “notjrvedivici” will be ingrained in your memory as the person who inspired the reunion.

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;'asldjfl;kajsdl;fkjasl;dkjfaal…excuse me I just threw up on my keyboard. Seriously? I know you said you read it in a mystery novel, but did/do you actually enjoy it? I can’t picture that combination at all, but if you do enjoy it the an pb and relish sandwich would seem the natural progression. alksdkfjalkjeroiuaweoiuaweoirhjawoeihra…ugggh I just threw up again, sorry.

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This is interesting…I’m a chip’s guy, I’ve always enjoyed the salty vs. sweet snacks. One day when I indulge myself I might have to give this a try…wait maybe a new ultimate pb&j…peanut butter, bacon, chips, jelly and raisins!!!

I’m sorry, you are saying you sliced a piece of toast in half and “stuffed” it with peanut butter and jelly? If so I’m pretty amazed by that feat. I guess you were the original pb&j “pockets” they now sell.

Phreddy, I think you should make it 3x’s this year, go ahead you deserve it!

Yes, seriously. It’s delicious.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it, honestly it sounds like a challenge from the show Fear Factor or something. I don’t know if I could try that.

LOL…yes, but in the way back days when we would binge drink and then our blood sugar would bounce off the charts , one of the best remidies was not pizza, but PBJ on white…now do you like the ends cut off of the white bread?

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