The king was said to like his fried.......

Doubles the ratio of PBJ to bread, more bang for the buck!

Nooooooooooo sacrilege!!! Crust must remain on white bread !

You just reminded me of the PB&J in a jar, together, because what, people are too lazy to open two jars?

As a kid, the nuns used to tell hubby he’d get contaminated if the PB and J got mixed up in the same jar, so he had to use 2 spoons.

I agree, slicing open a single slice of bread? Wow. I can see challah, but white?

On the bread&butter pickles and PB, I try any kind of food once. I read it, so I tried it, and liked it.

My 18 yo old son came to me recently with the peanut butter & jelly in the same jar invention. He made me prove to him in the store it already existed. (mind-blown) I certainly did respect the Thomas Edison approach to his thinking.

As a kid those nuns did all they could to screw me up too!!

Hah, you too eh? I had 12 years of those harridans, and my opinion on them wouldn’t be acceptable here.

Then again, their sadism made me what I am today.:smiling_imp:

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An eater of pb and pickles?

That is some kinda sadism!

Like my uncle told me of Nam’; “you had to be there to understand”.

(NO disrespect intended to any service men or women especially veterans of the Viet Nam war. God Bless you all)

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

This is making me hungry for a bread and butter pickle and PB sandwich on whole wheat toast. Yum.

Was the character consuming that abomination pregnant?..:frowning:

Nope. Neither she nor I were.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

I have four standard ways of eating nut butters depending on my mood

  1. skippy, red raspberry preserves on sturdy seeded rye
    must be cut in 4’s…mandatory glass of whole milk
  2. Skippy, welches grape jelly, wonder
  3. Almond butter or freshly ground peanut butter on Alvarado St. bakery California
    style complete protein bread, good quality honey , sliced banana and cinnamon.
  4. Almond, pistachio, cashew butter …spoon

I had posted in another place a long time ago… that I had been unable to consume peanut butter
for 20+ years having overdosed on peanut butter cookies made in my sisters easy bake oven.
Peanut butter poisoning … If there is such a thing at the ripe old age of 8.

Puffed rice cake, mascarpone topped with Smuckers creamy PB and a tiny smidge of maple cream.

I’m a simple guy. White bread, thick layer of PB and either strawberry, sour cherry, peach or plum jam. The jam depends on the season & what we’re making. Truthfully though, I like the sour cherry jam better on biscuits.

I seriously early choked on my wine this reply had me laughing so hard!!!
(My sentiments exactly)

Thankfully the nuns at my high school had a table in the cafeteria always set up with bread and pb and j- since the hot lunch options were often dubious and i was (still am) a vegetarian it’s possible i ate more pb and j in high school than all the years previous…

If you don’t mind me asking a rather personal question, what drove you to be a vegetarian at such a young age?

I never liked pb & j as a kid and still don’t care for it.

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