The Greek Spot, Ocean NJ

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Yeah that chicken is bangin too! Don’t forget the salad I :heart:️ Their Greek salad.


We got 2 pieces (thigh/leg) in one order of lemon chicken… I’m wondering if any of you know if that’s standard, or if it’s because we were there close to 8 PM, or because he knows that I have single-handedly told everyone to go there? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Guess who got take out last night!!! $12.95 best meal in Monmouth County, including their delicious Greek salad. Also got an order of the moussaka which was the best I’ve had in 30 years since working for a Greek owned restaurant. Love this place!
(picture does not do it justice)

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Mmmmmmm… Youvetsi. Getting time for winter food. I may have to make a batch of Stifado soon.

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I have had zero luck getting the shank. Three times, always sold out. Do you call ahead or have some secret handshake?

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No, there are always a couple in the bin when I go. Normally it’s earlier if I’m doing take out it’s because I’m in the area for work so I’ll swing by before 5pm to pick stuff up. Sorry, you are truly missing out!! (although the half a lemon chicken is pretty awesome also!! Also the moussaka…just had it for the first time and it was great)

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We also enjoy their soups, especially lentil. Yes, we have had and enjoyed most of the menu staples there just not the shank. The grilled lamb on a stick is usually too dry, the spinach pie hit or miss but everything else has been wonderful in very generous portion for the price.


Completely concur, @Rooster !

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Just bumping this up because they deserve it. Got take out last night, I can’t say it enough the $13 lamb shank is the best value dish in Monmouth County, served with an excellent Greek salad. There is NO question word is out, it was a non-stop line of people picking up orders last night. Truly a hidden jewel!


Yes, they’re ALWAYS slammed now-- and I always tell him how happy I am to see that! I have learned to call before I get off the parkway when I want to pick up dinner…


I stopped in tonight to get dinner, and…THEY HAVE GREEK CHEETOS. Thatisall.

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Full-sized bags. You’re in charge, @joonjoon

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While perhaps not a renowned food critic, I’m not sure I’m in a rush to try these. Not sure I could embrace Cheeto’s that don’t leave you with Trump fingers. (FYI what is with the dramatic changing of products based on regions? I bet you original good ole Murica’ Cheeto’s would sell just fine in Greece)


That s is why I put @joonjoon in charge! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The bag has Greek writing on it, but I saw something in English about them being tomato-flavored.


Tried them awhile back. My kids thought they were kind of gross while I found them to be not horrible (though I wouldn’t grab them if I were looking for a snack). I recall that most of the bag went in the garbage. It was fun to try it though.


SO Happy you have a pic! I rarely do this, but I left my phone in the car when I ran in to pick up dinner last night – I thought maybe I’d have to go back in the next day or so. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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One thing I really like is they serve the real deal gyros shaved off of the cone, not those awful strips that you are increasingly seeing in the diners.

Greek fest in Holmdel tomorrow, I’m psyched !