The Greek Spot, Ocean NJ


So any new g spot reviews?

I hit greek eats last night again . Man I really dig this place. I had the pork dish last night with the Sriracha tzatziki…first time for both the pork and style of tzatziki. They will absolutely load up your dish if you ask them too. I got mounds of feta and the girl serving me hooked it up. If you haven’t been here give it a shot. This place has gotten better and the crowd there was good to see.

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Nope nothing new, my next Greek stop is going to be Stamna and give them a try based on @CurlzNJ recommendation. Will post when I do.


Two MUST-haves at Stamna are the Gigantes and the Loukanikos (sausage). TRUST ME. This isn’t a restaurant for gyros (imo).


Stopped in to grab dinner at The G Spot tonight, and in addition to noting that the gyro is now 6.25 (STILL A BARGAIN), I ordered the GreeN salad (got that? Not Greek. GREEN.) It’s a chiffenade of lettuce with a ton of fresh dill, a plop of cheese (I don’t think it’s Feta but I could be wrong) and (BLEAH) 4 olives on top. WHY DO PEOPLE INSIST ON EATING THESE? /rant In any case, I didn’t eat the olives. :blush:

Why did I try this 7.95 salad instead of getting my usual 1.95 side salad? Because when I was at Apella last weekend, my friends said they love this salad and that the G Spot did it even better than Apella. I have mixed feelings, mostly because the G Spot version is saaaaaalty. Not sure if it’s from the cheese or if they over-salt it, but there’s my report. Next time I’ll request it without olives…

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Just left the G spot, there is a power outage in the area they had to close. Went down 35 south grabbed a Reuben at Kelly’s!


@CurlzNJ can you keep all your olives and I’ll trade you my raw tomato? :smile:


Jr you need to try the pastrami short rib at surf bbq. I agree there is better value locally in the bbq scene, but this is a great dish! Joon and I seem to be on the same page with fatty meats and he wasn’t wrong. The z man recommended this a while back and I’m sorry it took so long to try. @MZ hope all is well bud! Looking forward to hearing from you as this weather warms up.


PFFFFT! :smiley:

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Bump this baby back up. Stopped here for a quick dinner tonight, lamb shank and orzo with the best Greek salad around. $12.95 dam hard to beat this meal. Delicious!!!


I’ve been trying NOT to get takeout every week, but I’m addicted to their GREEN salad (aka Prassini)–it’s chopped lettuce, a ton of fresh dill, scallions, (way too much) cheese, and a simple oil/red wine vinaigrette. I get it with the dressing on the side and get at least 3 huge bowls of salad out of it. :heart_eyes:

The ONLY problem I have is with their takeout containers; they use the foil w the clear lids and I’ve never gotten home without finding some kind of spillage. Sadly, the last salad I got was in the same packaging; they HAD been using these terrific heavy-duty plastic bowls and the salad stayed really fresh–even for 2 days.

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I solve this problem by bringing my own containers for take out here. :yum:

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Stopped by Jimmys Greek Food in Spotswood today at lunchtime. Good Gyro - cut right off the spit into the gyro. $8 for a Gyro - $10 with French fries. Their Tzatziki could use more garlic & less sour cream. Just yogurt in the Tzatziki please.

I always laugh when I see a Greek Salad with lettuce. They don’t grow lettuce in Greece.

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The derivation of this salad is disputed between Greece and Turkey. In Turkey it is known as:

Çoban Salatası

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A primer on Greek salads:

In Greece people actually eat many different kinds of salads, including some with no vegetables.


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Prassini salata is a spring salad made with young lettuces. Marouli Salata is a romaine salad. They are usually both prepared as you describe with lots of dill and scallions, and often lemon juice instead of vinegar. The feta appears to be an American embellishment.

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Hey anybody hitting up the G Spot lately?

How are they doing?

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I got take home about a month ago and it was delicious as usual. (Lamb shank) I forget where I was but I ordered lamb shank somewhere recently at north of $30. and all I could think about is how if paled in comparison to the G-spot @ $12.95 including a very tasty Greek salad. Can’t beat this place in my book.

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Lunch at the G Spot about a week ago. The great lamb shank with orzo and salad. @MishyPoo had the gyro platter, also very good. I wish they were closer to me.


And 2 weeks ago two of us picked up a lamb shank and a lemon chicken platter (w lemon potatoes) and I got 4+ meals out of it. Delicious and a bargain (understatement)!!