The Greek Spot, Ocean NJ

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Have you had their lamb shank? At $12.95 with a huge side of orzo and a Greek Salad I think it’s the best value meal in Monmouth County. It’s deeelisush…

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I have not had a bad dish yet from the G spot, and that includes the lamb shanks. Really nice people too, who speak Greek !

My two nits are that the Greek Salad could contain a nice big feta chunk instead of the crumbles, and pickled peppers (Piperies Mikres Toursi) instead of the big slices of bell pepper. But this is a minor issue.

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See…conversely I like the crumbed fetta along with the “chopped” version of the salad. (which by the way is always fresh, never soggy etc.) This is generally because I’m trying to woof it down as quickly as possible to get to my entree.


Mostly lurk around here but have taken some suggestions, including the Greek Spot. The Shank was delicious, and a great value. Place I work at has Pork Shank for $29. I don’t think I could buy the ingredients in the huge Greek Salad for $8.
Thanks HO’s!


Thanks for posting!! Always great to have the lurkers join us! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Jesus did you have to post a pic??? I just licked my computer screen!! Dayyyyuuummmm!!! I LOVE that shank!! I’ll be honest, I’ve eaten two of them for dinner once. lol It is the BEST value in Monmouth County if you ask me and it’d delicious!!!

FYI try their lemon chicken and the lemon potatoes too, definitely excellent also.

Oh and lastly stop lurking!! Look you did great !! Post more!! Enjoy!