The Greek Spot, Ocean NJ

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I don’t agree Joon. This place would be wonderful if we all thought the same thing.

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Hit up the G Spot for lunch today, finally got the chicken I’ve been wanting. It did not let down, don’t know what the seasoning is but it’s delicious!! Skin is nice and crispy, meat is moist and the flavor is fanfuckingtastic. First time I tried their lemon potatoes and they were delicious and served with their perfect Greek salad. $12.50 with a bottle of water, you just can’t go wrong. This might be my favorite local spot for “fast” casual food.

2pm on. Sat every table taken and a very brisk take out business, things look good.

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The recipe for Greek chicken is really easy and takes about 45 minutes.

You brown the chicken on all sides and arrange in a baking dish. Add potato wedges, EVO, garlic, lemon juice, oregano, salt and pepper and bake at 375 til juices run clear and potatoes are done.

It is really so easy and absolutely delishus.

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Thank you very much! I’m surprised by the simplicity especially with oregano, generally too much oregano in a dish is a turn off for me. Certainly not the case here!


That looks good Jr!

I had a few bites of my cousins half local smoke bird on Friday and that place is still putting out quality food. We arrived at 930 or so and closed it down.

I had the app sampler and that is a quality dish at 12 bucks. If you can get them to sub the hush puppies for the fried mac n cheese you are winning ; )

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BBQ was never my “thing” but I can say Local Smoke changed my opinion. I love their chicken and I love their brisket, can’t get enough!!

I saw Viking ask in another thread if you noticed anyone at Surf last night. I’m curious as well.


I’m going to be throwing some plugs tonight in Rumson so I’ll report back possibly, depending on the bite. Things haven’t been looking well but hopefully it will pick up for them and maybe they will change a few things.


Bumping this up. @NotJrvedivici @VikingKaj

I had a nice chicken plate at greek eats. I’ve only had one gyro here but I enjoyed the plate a lot more. The coleslaw, feta, pickled onions, beans, saffron rice…they all melded together in harmony and for 10.50 I need to get here more often. I still haven’t tried the g spot yet.

So any new greek outings from the crew lately?

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I recently went to Niko’s in Long Branch for the first time. Only shared the meatballs appetizer and a Greek salad, both were very good.

I prefer the g spot over Greek eats for their wider range of food, both their lamb shank and Greek chicken are excellent!! Not taking anything away from Greek Eats, it’s more local so I do go there more often.

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Look what you made me do…(FYI I thought you were here for a second, but it was only Mike “The Situation” of Jersey Shore fame)


I think I see some carbs there! Looks nice and colorful…good fall meal.

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Exactly you evil bastard!!


Ha! The situation was really there? Did he have his ferrari?

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Yes he was and no he didn’t. No Ferrari no Bentley he was driving a white late model corvette!!! I think he’s burned through most of his 15minutes of fame cash. He was with a pretty dam cute blonde though.


Wow…the situation in a vette! C7? I have been doing a little shopping…might be time for another.

I’m sure his arm candy was impressive.

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I’m itching to pick up a C5, prices of them are ridiculously low, preferably canary yellow, same as my old 86.

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OK, enough. He isn’t food and we’re not 16.

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Love this place! We’ve been back three times including once while family was visiting. Prices, portions and quality all fantastic and the feta cheese (even the super salty) are delicious. I’m still hoping to catch the lamb shank, been sold out each time but the lemon chicken, potatoes, Greek salad, lentil soup, lamb grill and baklava impressed us. Really nice owners, super casual dine in.

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Your first day and you already know the secret spots! (Get the lamb shank you won’t be sorry!!!)

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Went yesterday for lunch with the wife and daughter…the secret is definitely out, the place was jumping. Every table taken, we had to wait 5-10 mins to get one and there was a constant line 3-4 people deep with take out/to go orders.

I had the lemon chicken which was delicious as always!