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That’s easy, he plays for the Kansas City Royals:

The Greek “moose” of Kansas

Mike Moustakas is a professional baseball player for the Kansas City Royals.

He was born on the 11th of September 1988 in Los Angeles. Mike’s father used to be a football player in UCLA. He is of Greek descent, as his grandmother was born in Greece, and flies a Greek flag above his locker.

He was drafted in 2007 for the Royals.

The team’s fans and the journalists gave him the nickname “Moose”. The team encourages the nickname by selling foam moose antlers in the Stadium gift shop.

Moustakas attended Chatsworth High School in Chatsworth, California, where he was a four-year starter in baseball. During that time he helped Chatsworth win four League championships.

In 2006 Moustakas was a member of USA Baseball’s Junior National Team, competing in the World Junior Championships in Cuba.

Moustakas was also selected to the USA Today All-USA high school baseball team in 2007. He was offered a scholarship to USC, but instead chose to enter the 2007 baseball draft. On the 15th of August 2007 he signed for the Royals, receiving a reported signing bonus of $4 million.

On August 30, 2010, Moustakas was named the 2010 Texas League Player of the Year.

In 2013, Moustakas’ locker was assigned next to George Kottaras, who is also of Greek descent.

“I don’t know how many times you’ve had two Greek guys in the same clubhouse on the same team,” Kottaras said. “And they put us next to each other, which makes it even better”, he added.

He was selected to the 2015 All-Star Game.

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Not to be confused with the Swedish Moose who is Johan Hedberg:


You win!! I give up!!!


Stopped in tonight and decided to try an ‘entree’…for $9.95 I got the roasted lemon chicken (the leg/thigh of a LARGE chicken), which came with lemon potatoes and a salad (I think you can choose from soup or salad). The tray of chicken had just come out of the oven, so everything was piping hot AND I have half of everything left for lunch today. Delishus! Had it been earlier, I might have stuffed myself and finished it, but I’m no @NotJrvedivici :blush:

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Ohhhhhhhh I’ve been waiting to hear about the chicken!! It looks soooooooo good I’ve been dying to get it, but honestly I can’t ignore the lamb shank if I’m not doing the gyro. Did you get the Greek salad? I’ve got to be honest the salad was as surprisingly good, well dressed not too much dressing and not soggy from sitting etc. as I was surprised by how good the lamb shank was. (as I said if they would just flip the lamb shanks ever 30 mins to keep them equally moist it would be fantastic). I hope this place makes it…

I’m not a glutton it was stupid CJ that challenged me :persevere:


Ha! HAD to bust you, JR… The salad WAS delicious; something about oregano and red wine vinegar just gets me! If I have one complaint it’s about their containers. The chicken was in one of those round foil trays w the plastic lid that (SUPPOSEDLY) stays on once you crimp the foil around it. Let’s just say I was redoing it in the parking lot because I could see lemon sauce in the bag after the brief walk to my car, and despite sitting it flat on the floor of my backseat, it was open when I got home. The (STUFFED) small clamshell that the salad was in also leaked some of the dressing. GRRRR

I will say that 5 of the 6 tables were occupied at…6:45 or so, and I was one of 4 to-go orders, so the place was hopping! I suspect that the laundromat gives them built-in traffic, but who cares why? As long as they do well!


I hate to be an outlier again but I didn’t enjoy my one visit to this restaurant earlier this year and haven’t been back. I had ordered a couple of gyros and the consistency of the meat was very off putting. I am even at a loss to describe it only to say that I’ve had many gyros and this one was different. I recall reading on either CH or some other site that someone had the same experience. Am I to assume due to the many positive reviews that the “issue” has been rectified?

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I’ve had approximately 6 gyro’s since my first visit a couple of months ago and have had no problems at all. That’s all I can offer you, I’m surprised yours is the first cautionary word I have heard about this place.

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There are a couple different manufacturers and seasonings of gyro cones. Sometimes the restaurant may get a couple for free from their food salesman if they are trying to push a certain brand. I wonder if they were/are still trying to find the right one.


And @bgut1 you’re sure we’re all talking about the same place? On 35N across from Wegman’s?


That’s the place.


Then it’s probably worth another shot if you’re in the area… Everyone I’ve told about it loves their gyros!


I know I’m not crazy. i found the post that mentioned the texture of the gyro meat. @joonjoon posted on CH back in May that though he never found a gyro he didn’t like, he found the meat to have a “firmer chew”. He also felt that this was a “really nice change” from other gyros he had eaten. Interestingly, his post is a few months after I had dined there.

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I’ve noticed their gyro meat is a little denser and has a bit more of a chew than your typical Gyro, but it wasn’t a negative point for me.

Edit: Saw your other response after I replied. What was wrong with the texture when you went?


That “firmer” texture just bothered me and I didn’t enjoy it. It was just a personal preference issue. I’m just happy that I wasn’t the only person to experience it (though for you it was good).

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I’ve had a few gyros at the G spot and loved them all. I didn’t notice much difference in texture between them and other gyros and the flavor was on point. But my faith in my friend bgut’s taste leads me to want to try another one.

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IS it wrong of me to say I’m glad we didn’t get the crabs post mixed up in the G Spot post???

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Very wrong…tisk tisk. :yum:


Seal - While I appreciate the confidence in my taste buds, like the rest me they could be diminishing with age.

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Different strokes for different folks! Obviously everyone here has impeccable tastes in food and forums, but something would be seriously amiss if everyone agreed on everything. Can you imagine how awful this place would be without dissenting opinions?