The Greek Spot, Ocean NJ

My usual bad timing. Just got a call from an old friend and turns out he wants to meet for lunch tomorrow around 1 pm at … The Greek Spot. So, if anyone wants to join us, I will be there around then.

This doesn’t preclude another visit sometime in the next two weeks.

I should just stop posting about where I am going to be because it seems my plans change more than the weather. Looks like I will have to wait until next week for finding the G spot. Sorry.

Look what you people made me do! All this talk but no action about getting together here got my hopes up to finally try the lamb shank. Well since none of you were stepping up to the plate, I just had to take things into my own hands. I hope you are all happy with yourselves because I sure as heck am!

$12.95 for the lamb shank over orzo with side salad. Any restaurant around here would change upwards of $30. for this exact meal, and few if any could be any better. Delicious!!


I was in a rush to post that but I should mention, I don’t know how long they sit in the warming dish before being served, but it would be good if they basted or turned the shank every hour or so. The top half was noticeably dryer than the bottom. Again, for $12.95 I’m not going to complain but that was the only criticism of the dish.

I was there at 11 am yesterday and saw them take them out of the oven. I imagine that’s the best time to get one.

Ok so I was there 3pm-ish, makes sense.

Nice looking dish. How was that orzo? Looks tasty!

I have to get over here soon.

Everything was very good, including the salad not too heavily dressed. As my follow up comment the only critique is the top/exposed portion of the meat was a tad dry, but not horrible or tough. Again, if I were paying $30. I might have an issue, for $12.95 I’m happy as a pig in sh*t.

Does anybody know if they sell tarama at the GSpot?

Not 100% sure, but I don’t recall seeing the “dips” on the menu. Taramosalata might be too expensive for a place like this, but who knows? Worth a call to ask if you have your heart (stomach) set on it. :grin:

What I can tell you is that I stopped in yesterday to pick up a gyro for dinner, and the AC was barely working…in fact, after I said hi to the owner and that I was happy to see he was so busy (all 3-4 tables were full), the first thing he said after thanking me was “I can’t get the air conditioning working better,” so at least he acknowledged it. I wouldn’t have been able to sit in that hotbox through a meal, but the short wait wasn’t as awful as being outside. And of course the gyro was delicious and I didn’t have to cook! $6.37 w tax, for the record. Lamb shanks looked yummy but too heavy for me in this weather.

Im looking for the tarama in the jar so I can make at home.

As I recall they have a deli section.

And unless you have a 5 tons of coil per 1500 sq ft I have the feeling everybody’s air conditioning is having a hard time keeping up this weekend.

Yes, it was very warm when I ate the lamb shank on Friday. Next I’ve got to try the chicken it looks great too.

So I called them. They have both the tarama (smoked roe) in the jar, and pre made taramasalata by the scoop.

Time to hit the GSpot for fishy treats.


I had the lamb shank today for lunch, excellent and the lemon potatoes were great.
AC was working, we were there around 1 or so

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Does anybody know if the GSpot has pickled Octopussy?

This whole thread has gone downhill, and I’m enjoying it very much. :smile:

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I suggest we give JR a new secret Delta Tau Chai name: Lambshanks.

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Makes me think of Braveheart…

Is that a shillelagh under your kilt laddie, or are you just glad to see me?

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So back to topic, you know Greeks wear kilts too.