The Greek Spot, Ocean NJ

So back to topic, you know Greeks wear kilts too.

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Had to drop off some construction debris to the dump today and took 35 back up north. Stopped at the G Spot for an early lunch. This place is legit! I arrived at 11am, the specials were not out yet, so I went for the Gyro Platter with Fries. There was enough meat for 2 people easily. Good thick tzatziki sauce, fresh veggies, and the fries were hand cut and done right! My only complaint is that I don’t live around the block. I want to go back and try more menu items.

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I don’t live around the block either ( a good 10-15 mins away) but so far I’m making it there weekly. Where there is a will there is a way! Next time try to go a little later so you can see the specials, the lamb shank is so worth the $12.95!!

I feel much better hearing you say there was enough meat for 2 people, because the last time I got the gyro (not platter) I ate half for dinner and half for lunch the next day! Platter sounds even bigger.


Better give excellent directions for the fellas or they are going to miss the spot.

Also tell them to disregard the large angry looking women going into the laundromat.

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LOL it’s a good place to people watch while you enjoy lunch. I did carry and elderly woman’s laundry up the curb for her on one trip.

It’s very simple…you’re on 35N and need to cross through the light at Sunset Avenue (that’s the street that runs between Wegmans and Costco). There’s a Sunoco station, a Wells Fargo, AND THEN THE DRIVEWAY. If you get to the Dunkin’ Donuts you missed it!

Maybe the large angry women at the Laundromat could be used as a guide to finding the GSpot?

As a large (but not generally angry) woman, I’m not going to reply.

(I think you just did) anywhoooo send me your work number via pm, I’ll call you out of work Thurs, around 2:45pm.

Choice of emergencies;

Grandma fell
Dog escaped and ran away
Small house fire
Alien invasion (be prepared for a pretty good supporting story for tomorrow at work)
Doctors office calling with your test results and you NEED to immediately come back to the office

I’ll let you decide which works best.

You forgot the lottery win!!

No because then you would be expected to quit your job or show up in a new Benz/B’mer/Bentley/Jag on Friday!

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Nothing wrong with large, I’m no petite myself.

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Don’t forget the meteorite strike.

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So dudes and dudeettes, totally apropos nothing and absolutely worth everything I paid for it (also nothing), the August/September issue of Monmouth Health Living arrived in my mailbox today with the Readers’ Choice Awards for 2016 Best of Monmouth.

Sandwiched between the fascinating articles on Top-notch Breast Cancer Surgeons and Everyday Chic (because I am so into that) we had the category of Restaurants + Food.

And, in the sub-category, Greek Restaurants (I know, control yourselves) we had the following results:

First Place (sic/3 way tie): Anemos, Apella, Nico’s Trapezi.

Second Place (sic/2 way tie): Greek Eats, It’s Greek to Me

Third Place: The Gspot

A travesty, I say. Who are these readers (all three of them)? How was this calculated ? Were the results hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnal’s porch in 97 degree weather?

Our poor Gspot, it deserved better.

PS. No disclosure of financial and promotional considerations received renders these results dubious at best.


I can kind of see it based on the location and style of restaurant. It’s more a take out joint than a sit down, so I can see where it doesn’t score as high as Anemos, Apella, Greek Eats and It’s Greek to Me. Value I would say it out scores the others…who knows. Glad it made the list and is getting some recognition, would like to see them succeed and expand in the future.

So if you give me any word I can show you how it’s Greek.

Let’s take meteorite. It comes from the Greek word meteoron meaning “a thing in the air…”

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