Late lunch Thursday 8/18 at G Spot

For any Hos who can find the G Spot ( Greek Spot Ocean NJ ), NotJR and I will be eating lunch at 3 pm and welcoming you all to join in. The rumor is there will be some stories shared to go with the good, cheap Greek food.

Do you all hear this? Come on out and listen to sober Jr, tell drunken Jr tales!!!


Watch your language Curlz! WORK is a four letter word.

(some of us are doing the late lunch as an excuse to get out of work early…shhhhhhhhh)

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Ain’t THAT the truth!!

Reminder, tomorrow 3pm! Seal will be giving free autographs’ to the first 100 Ho’s that attend!!!


Remember to BYOP ( Bring Your Own Pen )

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Just getting the feeling back in my hand now - finally. I must have signed around 75 autographs. Apologies to all those who waited in line but I had to stop to eat.

Seriously ( I can be serious ) it was just JR and me, although a lot of business, mostly carry out, was conducted at 3 pm on a Thursday. We both had the avgolemono soup and gyro sandwiches and it was all good.

One more thing. I made JR promise never to tell that “other” vegas story again since no other HOs could be bothered to play hookey from work and join us.

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What did you think of the avgolemono? I’ve had it twice and just didn’t find it lemony enough.

I like the soup a lot, creamy with a lot of stuff in it, but I know what you mean. This is why I still think the original is the best - Niko’s for the win!

But… you can’t beat The G Spot for the money.

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Still haven’t been to Niko’s but if the soup is good, that’s an incentive for sure!

Is it me, or are the olives and bread at Nikos top notch?

FYI I hit the flag button by mistake while trying to “like” this comment. I don’t know how the system works here but if you receive any kind of notification about being flagged it was me, sorry.

I will give my review of lunch today tomorrow when in front of a computer instead of my phone.

This was the first time I have ever had this soup, it wasn’t until seeing Seals that I was tempted to try it, to be perfectly honest I had no idea what it was. In my opinion the balance of the lemon flavor was perfect, while I’ve never tried any other, it seems if the lemon is too over powering it would be turn off. I don’t care for an overly sour flavor in a creamy based soup, so this was very nice. Obviously tastes differ but I would like to try it again somewhere else.

So first and foremost I want to than Seal for arranging this and being gracious enough to take time out of his schedule to sit down and spend some time with me bs-ing and enjoying some dam good Greek food. (Oh by the way how did your son like that chicken? I’m dying to try it)

We both had the beef & lamb gyro’s and both had the soup, Seal did take some food home for the family that I’m obviously anxious to hear about.

I think Seal was being a bit modest with saying only 75 autograph’s were signed, he went through 3 sharpies and I had to run across the street to Staples to get more copies of his head-shot’s for him to sign for fans. Just when you think you have gotten to know a guy, spend an afternoon with him solo, prime him with some good eats, then sit back like David Caruso in CSI Miami and listen to the confessions come pouring out. WOW…don’t let this mans online demeanor fool you folks, halfway though my soup I thought we might end the day with matching tattoo’s on the Vegas strip. Although we entertained meeting over cocktails, I’m pretty happy with my decision to keep it strictly food related, I think my man is a martini or two away from becoming Alan in the Hangover. (the hangover 3 where he has a shaved head and facial hair)

Even though we only met once before a few years ago, it was like sitting down with an old friend and it was quiet enjoyable. I’ve got to make a point to attend more meet ups, but I’m very glad we had this one. Next time we’ll plan it for after work so more of you can attend.

Great time…thanks MP !!

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  • usual sarcastic always joking mode off *

Some of the best gyro around and definitely some of the best company! I’ve been to a lot of get togethers for various online boards and JR is one of the nicest and most interesting guys I’ve met that way. As I told him yesterday, the HO board is a lot of fun and I am enjoying posting here more than I have anywhere in years.

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Hey, is it me, or is the original Gspot thread missing on NJ site?

You just posted in the original one about it being voted third best

Yeah, I know. But for some reason it is not showing up on the Jersey topics page for me.

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