The end pieces from a loaf of bread

Do you toss the end pieces? I used to, but lately I’ve been toasting them (using the bagel setting), and using them for tuna sandwiches. It’s sort of like a sub roll.

Any other ideas?

I grind them into bread crumbs and keep them in the freezer 'til needed. That’s why my mac & cheese has just a hint of caraway.


Bread crumbs. Save the bread ends in a ziploc bag in the freezer, grind them up in the food processor when you need bread crumbs, and keep any extra crumbs in the same bag in the freezer. They keep pretty much forever.


It’s like we are sisters or something :grinning:

I had thought about saving them for bread crumbs, but wasn’t sure how to store them… now I know! Freeze them. Thanks

Coincidence? I think not.

Yup, otherwise they will get moldy.

As others - breadcrumbs, There’s always a need for breadcrumbs - and there’s always a bag in the freezer

I eat them. That’s the best piece!


I use them in soup, especially Tuscan soups like pappa al pomodoro and ribollita or other kale/bean soups. In summer I will put them in a blender with liquids and make gazpacho-like soups or garlicky vegetable dips.

I will also soak them in milk or water and squeeze them out and then use them to make meatballs.

When I was a child, my mother went shopping once a week on Saturdays, and next to the supermarket where she shopped was a bakery which made a delicious loaves of perfectly round rye bread, that she would bring home still warm. My sister and I each got one “end” of the warm bread, covered with peanut butter.

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Ditto! Especially on a really crusty loaf, but I even like the end pieces of soft sandwich breads.

Oh! I misread the first post. I automatically assumed we were talking about the leftover piece at the end that has gone stale. But if I have fresh bread, I eat the first piece I cut off, as is.

My partner saves them especially for me. Perfect to put on some foie gras, soft/stinky cheese, Pâté/Leberwurst etc.

However, if you don’t have many real teeth left it could be challenging.

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If it is a packaged sandwich bread, I love to make French toast out of then. Those pieces are usually a little thicker or thinner and cook up real nice.
A fresh loaf of Italian or French in any configuration; round, oval, loaf, etc. the cut off , crusty end gets a schmear of butter down the hatch.

I feed them to the local ducks and geese in the pond .

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Usually I freeze them but sometimes cube them for croutons, either sauteeing them in butter/bacon grease/schmaltz (whatever’s handy) with garlic powder and dried herbs,
or tossed/sprayed with oil, seasoned, and oven-toasted. They have to be used right away, or refrigerated/frozen.

Similar to you, but a tuna melt.

I eat them. My wife doesn’t. I never realized many people don’t like them and have been wondering why she doesn’t eat them.

Croutons, mostly. I like them toasted for dipping in soup as they hold up well. Also, I can sneak them in my kids’ sandwiches but only if I put them inside-out.

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