The doomed gallery of lamentable looking/ tasting dishes

Oh geez, where do I start? As an Instagrammer, you don’t know how therapeutic this is. My Instagram photos have to be on point. So many aren’t, for every Instagram pic, there had to be at least twenty pics from the same shoot that were deleted, and about a handful of dishes that never made the cut.

Today I present to you Diana Henry’s Chicken Forestière. I wanted to do a Diana Henry cook-through month on my Insta and I love the flavors of this dish so much, but alas, it looks like dog vomit. Some foods are just not meant to be shared.


Hah! HO’s Gallery of Regrettable Food - brilliant!

I posted this on the WFD thread last night. I really shouldn’t have. Fresh sea bass caught by my sister and BIL’s friend this weekend.

I sprinkled it with a combo of Panko crumbs, lemon zest and Penzeys’ roasted garlic powder and dried parsley, then baked in the convection oven. It was OK, but not as tasty as it should have been. The roasted garlic = BAD idea. Don’t know what I was thinking. (I really wasn’t - exhausted from month-end invoicing at work).

But the rice and peas were good.

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It looks good. :slight_smile: If you didn’t say anything, I would’ve thought it was a raving success!


And if you post one on IG that isn’t, what happens?

Here’s my most expensive failure of all-time. Short-rib consomme. I couldn’t find half the ingredients called for in the recipe and I couldn’t get the broth to clarify. It tasted blah. Entire dish cost $45.

I still ate it, you betcha, even though it tasted bitter, figuratively and in reality.


Probably nothing, you wont get as many likes, you won’t get pushed to the top of your hashtag page.

But Instagram is for putting your best foot forward and impressing other photographers and pinging chefs your photos. At least mine is, I try to post my best stuff on my feed.

Of course, what I eat on a daily basis is much different. :slight_smile:

What do the chefs do when they see a good one then? Mention to their followers?

I’m sure some do, I’ve seen plenty of cookbook authors (who are chefs!) repost an Instagram someone made from their cookbook. Ottolenghi is a good example.

I’ve had Diana Henry comment on my Insta humble brag

If you’re asking, is there any lasting, monetary value? Probably not. But I enjoy it and I enjoy being good at it. :slight_smile: Much like cooking.


Here’s my first attempt at a pie. :rofl:


This was 2017, I think I was experimenting/practicing pies so I could make them at the bakery I used to work at.
I’ve made many a pie since then.

I had to go deep into the internetz to find this (yes, I posted it, why? I don’t know). I had to share it with my pie-making buddy. She thinks I’m a natural, pie-baking machine. Hardly.


Oh please, not lamentable-looking at all. Share it on the baking thread.

Good effort, actually. I don’t make pies or eat them.

THAT’S the worst-looking dish you can come up with? You need to work harder at failing.


You would never find something in a bakery that looked like that, but I’d be proud to serve it at home.


Thank you everyone! You’re too kind.

I’ll be in pie-baking frenzy in the next couple of months as I get ready for the big pie contest in LA next April. I’ll post some of my bakes.


Yeah go for it!! Too bad, we won’t be able to taste them! Only drooling from a distance. :sweat_smile:

I think my first tart leaked. My first (meat) pie was a disaster.

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This would make a great avatar for Halloween! A very scary bird.



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I’d eat the skin, mostly.

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I thought I could put a little twist on my Deviled Eggs!

The first was a little tomato hat, the second a little crazy chef!


At first glance it resembles the facehugger in “Alien”, even though that was closer to a horseshoe crab.

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