The doomed gallery of lamentable looking/ tasting dishes

Thank you everyone! You’re too kind.

I’ll be in pie-baking frenzy in the next couple of months as I get ready for the big pie contest in LA next April. I’ll post some of my bakes.


Yeah go for it!! Too bad, we won’t be able to taste them! Only drooling from a distance. :sweat_smile:

I think my first tart leaked. My first (meat) pie was a disaster.

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This would make a great avatar for Halloween! A very scary bird.



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I’d eat the skin, mostly.

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I thought I could put a little twist on my Deviled Eggs!

The first was a little tomato hat, the second a little crazy chef!


At first glance it resembles the facehugger in “Alien”, even though that was closer to a horseshoe crab.

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