The Cookery (Dobbs Ferry NY)


I didn’t think bone marrow qualified as offal… But I’m not that familiar with offal… Maybe a question for a general board?

(Gwenn) #42

I googled it. Offal os innards and waste products of animals. I would think a food writer would know! But it IS Westchester magazine!



(Bill) #44

One comment on their “Best Table” comment. You actually need a large-ish group for that front table. I’ve been there with 6 people and never gotten it. Seems like you need 7-8 to be seated there.

(Gwenn) #45

That does look like the place to sit there, though! We’re going for the pig at the end of June. We have 6 but there is a chance we won’t - one is quite sick and I hope she’s better by then. Of course, I hope she’s better for other reasons than messing up the pig dinner!

(Bill) #46

We went to The Parlor today for a combo Mother’s Day/daughter’s birthday lunch. I can talk about the food elsewhere (mostly excellent) but I have David DiBari news that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere. A couple of days ago he posted something vague on Instagram about Port Chester with what looked like construction and a tag line of “coming soon” or similar. So I asked the manager if he was opening there, and he is! He’s taken a former BBQ place (Q, I assume?) and will be opening something new, not Cookery or Parlor and I can’t recall what he said it was going to be. Then, he told me that DiBari has also purchased Cedar Street Grill across the street from The Parlor in DF and is going to open an English Pub style place there.

It’s a bit ironic since I recall that The Cookery opened around the same time as North and the restaurants appeared to be somewhat connected (not in ownership but I recall seeing that North had their holiday party at The Cookery) and I’m fairly sure they were all friends. Now North is history but DiBari is growing his empire.


Wow, this is amazing news. I was wondering what was going to happen to that Cedar St Grill location. It will be really interesting to see him take a totally new direction food-wise. I’m sure we can expect the same creativity and boldness found at the Cookery and the Parlor. I only wish he’d make his way up north a bit so I didn’t have to go all the way to Dobbs!

(Bill) #48

He also mentioned that some people wanted them to take over the North space, but they didn’t want to move into that area (maybe too upscale, definitely very expensive). Also apparently Port Chester real estate is really cheap.

(Gwenn) #49

Went last night after a too long absence. It was great, as usual. A couple of notable changes were made to the menu. The pig donut is now a braised pig on a donut but is still delicious. And the beloved pudding in a can is gone! They may bring it back for a bit in March, when they celebrate their 10th anniversary. I had the cavatelli with bone marrow - I’ve been craving it for quite a while, and it did not disappoint. The place was packed, and there were two pig dinners going on. I still need to do that! I was tempted to sneak to one of the tables and steal some of that crispy skin!!!