The Cookery (Dobbs Ferry NY)

I want pasta this weekend and I’m deciding between fortina and the cookery. Hard decision!

Hmmm, I’d go Cookery. That bone marrow pasta was amazing!!!

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Yes my only hesitation is the cavatelli with sausage and escarole at fortina… Soooo good!

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Thanks to your review I had the bone marrow pasta last night. Wow.

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Glad you enjoyed it!!!

We are supposed to go back tonight. Our new thing - if friends want to get together for dinner I say “Cookery?” Anyway, we have a winter storm warning now so I’m not sure we’ll make it. And I’ve been deciding what to eat for days already! Edited to say - I just saw on facebook that they have young duck as a special tonight… is there an anti snow dance I can do?

Yeah the weather isn’t looking too promising for tonight. I am already thinking about going back too!

Go for lunch!!!

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Saw Mill in the snow…nope. That young whole duck looked hope they have it again!

Would love to but cant. DH is out and plans with friends are later. Switched to Primavera. At least we’ll have good parm!

They don’t do the normal menu for lunch. It’s a price fixed brunch menu with less options.

Yes, the young duck looked good. I hope they have it for HVRW (although not getting my hopes up).

If you went in there for lunch because snow was expected and you had to cancel you dinner, I think there is a good possibility they would prepare what you were looking forward to having … especially with a heads up phone call or email.

It’s possible I suppose. My point was more than it’s a fixed price menu, with small plates passed around. They don’t do a la carte like they do at dinner. So it’s not a matter of one or two dishes being missing. It’s just that it’s a different pricing structure.

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Thinking about the pig dinner. Has anyone done it? It looks great!!

I did it a few years ago with a group of friends. It was even more gluttonous than they make it sound on the website. Somehow they mixed our pig up with a larger group’s pig so we ended up with a TON of meat-- three of us took home a large foil pan EACH filled with pork. It is truly dinner and a show. The carving of the pig is quite dramatic and there is also the opportunity to try some of the less-loved parts of the pigs (I tried the ear but bowed out on the brain, though others in my group tried it!). I can’t even describe to you the amount of food and wine that we consumed that night. It was very, very difficult getting out of bed the next morning! I recommend it, but go hungry and don’t plan any big outings for the next day so that you can recover. For me this may have been a once-in-a-lifetime type thing!

Wow - thanks for the info! What was included - did you have to get apps, etc separately?

It included a salad and side dishes. I don’t remember which. You could call and ask I’m sure. We ordered some extra food because we are pigs. Lol. Dessert is also included. I think most of us did the wine pairing and some did the beer pairing. The price has definitely gone up considerably since we did it in 2015.

Thanks !

I am very excited to report that we are doing the pig roast at the end of June!!! I’ll report back afterwards!!


So Westchester Magazine ranks The Cookery in their top Westchester restaurants (see quote below), they talk about lots of offal there. And they cite bone marrow as offal. As far as I know, this is not part of the definition - right?

"Eat Serious; Have Fun” is the motto at Chef David DiBari’s nose-to-tail, pork-loving restaurant that blares a rock playlist and has a reputation for putting offal (pig’s head donuts, bone-marrow rigatoni) center stage. But it’s the homey dishes — milky house-made mozzarella, tender meatballs, lamb Bolognese, creamy pastina, and crispy pork osso buco — that keep us coming back. If you’re here to “have fun,” some of the best bites are chalked onto the specials board: bucatini coated in a smooth foie-gras sauce, fried Brussels sprouts with puffed Parmesan cheese rinds, game-bird pie, or sweet-and-sour suckling pig.

Best Table: If you’re going on a weekend, make a reservation; while you’re at it,
get a small group together and request the window-front table that once belonged
to DiBari’s grandmother.