The Butchers Block, Long Branch

The Butcher’s Block to reopen next month with liquor license, twice the space

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Unfortunately I heard about this for awhile now. I hate to root against anyone’s success, but sometimes I just wonder what the karma Gods are thinking. Yes, they created a cool concept but the trajectory of their success just leaves me scratching my head.


I think the lack of a ny top end steak spots locally, combined with these. guys figuring out there’s $$ to be made be catering to certain segments of society will mean they can print $$$$. I’ll never go there, and was looking forward to it when it first opened, but I’m sure they won’t miss my $$$.


I used to go there when they first opened—way before covid and way before they got super busy. I liked the concept, and, for lunch, you could pick out a steak from the butcher case, and they would cook it for you at cost! Not a bad deal. Sadly every time I went there, they would always miss the mark in the cooking of the steak. And to be completely honest, the meat quality isn’t up to snuff compared to a DeBragga or Pat Lafrieda. So I stopped going. Jump to all the covid stuff and his reaction to it was enough to seal the deal that I won’t be returning. I’ll take the drive to Peter Luger any day of the week.


It’s August 1 and I can’t find any information on their reopening. Anyone have any info?

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Aug 23rd -Aug 25th is the Block-Fair, hiring for all positions. Don’t DM, just show up.


While I personally swore off this place because of this incident as well as some “disappointing” first hand experiences, I still “liked” the place. By liked, I mean I appreciated the concept and the execution of most things were good, however I do question the steak grade(s) and the owner just had to get over himself a bit.

My adult daughter shared this with me from instagram. (I’m not on it) Based on my personal experiences in life, this sounds to me like someone who is “working the program” or working the steps of the program. (a program I probably should have joined many years ago).

Not to begrudge anyone who has become a bit too full of themselves and/or to judge someone over their potential abuse of inebriants. (again I’m all too familiar with these trappings) If the reason they did close was for him to tackle his demons, even if they are NOT what I’m assuming then kudos to him.

I can’t say I’m going to go running back, but I would venture back given this mea culpa because I do believe there is more going on here than meets the eye. Good luck and God bless!


I had seen that a while back when he posted it, it doesn’t make me want to run there but if someone invited me I could give it a chance

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So a bunch of workers lost their livelihoods so this guy could get it together. You all are much kinder than me. I do not trust this guy as far as I could throw him and having been one of the persons at the receiving end of his nastiness (which he used repeatedly for free PR) I will continue to stay the fuck home.


Have to admit that my generally forgiving nature goes out the window when it comes to a guy like this… I hadn’t been to the restaurant, but after seeing his posts/videos, I’m not going to change my mind about him. Something about first impressions, blahblah. He’s not alone in that, btw–there are a number of restaurants I won’t patronize because of their public tantrums in the last 18 months, and while I feel bad for their employees, I’m still not going to put money into the pockets of those owners.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold