The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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FYI Shope Rite by me has this on sale for $2.99lbs!!

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Last night at Blue Grotto, Oceanport NJ, prime aged strip, very good I really like this place.


Are you going to try it?
That’s what I paid … I figured it wouldn’t be
painful to toss if DH couldn’t eat it

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No I picked up some filet mignon for beef Wellington tonight, pictures to follow.

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This is the same as we did the week after thanksgibben, right?


That sounds good
you should pick one up though :confused:

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Tonight at my house:

Venison sirloin and tenderloin from a very young deer.

Absolutely delishus!




Nice. Is that some red kraut I spy?

@NotJrvedivici damn now I’m hungry. Whats under that beauty?



(Eat Me !) #174

Yes, with apples…

Also chanterelles in heavy cream.

And hand made whole egg spätzle.

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Or two.

One for the freezer.

And one to eat now, now, now !


Do you ever switch out blackberry for lingonberry

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Under fingerling potatoes on top cipollini onions.

(Eat Me !) #178

Well you kind of use lingonberries in Swedish cooking in situations where we would use cranberries, so no don’t really use blackberries in this sit. You are looking for tart. They are called preiselbeeren in Southern Germany and Austria and also figure frequently in game dishes there, usually as an accompaniment or relish.

I do sometimes use black currants or cassis in game sauces but that is my own thing.

As regards Sweden, however, I have often seen cloudberries served with game…

They are usually featured in dishes with reindeer, moose, or arctic hare…

Ole Rudolph better watch his red nosed drunken butt, or he could end up on the menu this Christmas !!!

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Tonight was beef wellington, it’s been awhile since I’ve made this and while it was delicious I regret taking the “easy” Route of using store bought phyllo dough. Sides of roasted new potatoes and creamed spinach. (Ok I did get a little carried away with the butcher on the size of my cut)

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I love Beef Wellington!!!

That filet looks like it came off a woolly mammoth…

Did you make your own duxelles?

Pepperidge farm pie crusts work better than phyllis dough if you are in a hurry…

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I really liked this rendition I’ve been using honey bourbon in a lot of my steak sauces lately. So the mushroom coating was mushrooms, shallots and garlic sautéed in honey bourbon and honey Dijon mustard, great combination. Saved some of the chopped mushrooms and a few shots of the bourbon for the gravy, good eats!


I’ve only made / had it made with traditional madeira and that was years ago … what
a great way to modernize the dish

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NY strips $4.99 a lb at Foodtown this week: