The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


Nice. I wish foodtown carried prime cuts. Let’s start a petition :slight_smile:


Nice night for some heat and smoke…cowboy and pecan got it done.

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Had a business dinner at the American Hotel in Freehold tonight.

Same as last time, seafood tower and porterhouse for 2. Very good just as last time, it’s the best you will get I this area.

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Steak looks great, but why do the have to put flowers instead of parsley on it?

That’s just wrong…

Btw, best use of parsley in a steakhouse award goes to Gorats in Omaha.

They have deep fried parsley !!!

It’s surprisingly good.

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It’s the feng shui - meat-steak = manly / flower = feminine. It’s all about balance Viking…

While this is very good I really don’t like this trend of serving steaks sans their natural juices. I prefer the Lugers butter bath and juices, but if you are going to circumvent the butter why not retain the juices? This has become the fashionable way to serve steaks but I’m not a fan of it.

Hell I’ve even got them heavily salt and peppering my 32 oz Kansas City Sirloin the Pour House and then taking a little ladle of butter over it upon finishing on the grill.

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I moved to Monmouth County 24 years ago and I would hear about Monmouth Meats but Pat’s, Aleo’s and Foodtown Red Bank were just “closer” and I was never disappointed. Since joining Chow and now here the past 5+ years Monmouth Meats has come up much more frequently from people whose opinions I respect so tonight I finally decided to give them a try. I’ve learned a couple things tonight the first is Monmouth Meats is far superior in their products than all of the above combined. I arrived at 5:45 and knowing they close at 6 I didn’t want to waste their time from closing so I just picked what they had in the case, lucky for me that was a prime aged tomahawk rib eye! @ $15.99 lbs it’s priced less than Foodtown non prime/aged rib eye, the baby in the case came in just under 3lbs. I’m pretty sure this should be for 2.

Got home lit the grill seasoned with some sea salt and pepper and on the grill she went. Unfortunately after searing I went inside to whip up the bernaise and my grill flamed up, and she got a bit too charred by the open flames. My bad…

Anywho absofuckinglutely delicious! What a steak! Had to have a shrimp cocktail to complete the experience. I foresee many more trips here in the future…

Oh I said I learned a couple thing tonight, the second thing is as some of you have realized by either meeting me or reading about me I’m not a tiny guy. I’ve been overweight most of my adult life, even now after having lost over 50lbs in the past year or so. The second thing I’ve learned tonight is any weight problem(s) I have, well it’s not a gland disorder!!

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Wow, that’s a serious sear…

Did your burner look like this?

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Yeah not my intention but it was still an excellent cut of meat, regardless of my piss poor preparation.

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Yes, it looked good. Bet it tasted well too.

Do you do scratch bearnaise?




Nice man. Monmouth meat rocks. Their ribeyes are the best around that I know of for the price.


Ps…I had a crazy grease fire one time with a big ribeye. It was scary stuff! I was like ten seconds away from calling the fire department as it was about to set my exterior on fire. Keep a fire extinguisher handy. I’m dead serious. It wasn’t a good day :frowning: Had I not had one handy I would have been screwed.

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Yes from scratch.

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I bought a charbroil tru-infrared grill a couple of years ago, they are supposed to prevent flair ups and this is the first one I’ve had. Not sure why and my deck light was out so I’m not sure what the problem or cause was but it obviously caught me by surprise. If it had completely ruined the steak I would have thrown it off my deck, I was pissed. Lol

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Holy shit I can’t believe you scored that thing for 16/lb! I need to stop in. Do you recall if they have dry aged porterhouse and how much?

Not steak per se but I thought I’d contribute with some pictures of beef I got from mitsuwa and hmart a lil while back. The first is from HMart and is short rib, 25ish/lb. The others are from Mitsuwa (bottom two are ribeye and strip, not sure what the other one is) and roughly $60 a lb. The Mitsuwa ones literally just dissolve in your mouth, whereas the HMart short rib still has a bit of chew to it. I sear on one side and touch the other for just a second before popping it in my mouth. Totally different from a typical steak experience but delicious nonetheless!

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Wow those look awesome! I did not see porterhouse but I got there at 5:45 and they were preparing for closing so I didn’t want to ask too many questions. This rib eye was front and center in the case so I just grabbed it. I did see while they were wrapping/weighing this they had wagyu for $60 lbs.

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Thanks for your report, I will definitely have to make my way over there. As delicious as Wagyu is, it’s definitely no substitute for steak. I’m as big a fatophile as anyone out there, but it’s kind of difficult to eat this stuff without something to balance the fat out. It feels more like foie than steak, if that makes sense.

And there was that time I found some ribeye vac packs at Costco for $2.50 a lb and threw an all you can eat steak charity fundraiser. That was fun.


That’s some good looking meat joon!

Monmouth meats gets all types of good stuff and yeah, they do get aged porters.

They claim to have a5 ribeyes now. Has anyone seen, or perhaps tasted these? I’m kind of skeptical.


@NotJrvedivici (or anyone else) I’m hitting char on wednesday. Have you tried to tackle the 46oz porter by yourself by chance? I was thinking about it, but I’m wondering how it stacks up against the tomahawk. I’ve had some nice tomahawks but a few weren’t the greatest. Well they were damn good, but for their price things were not that consistent. It could be mental but I don’t think it was. I’m wondering what to do. Life is tough :slight_smile:

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Nope, never tried the porterhouse myself. I haven’t even been to char this year I don’t think, I pretty much gave up on them. Hope it’s a biz dinner and you are not paying!!