The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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Jesus you are so lucky I don’t know where you live or I would be in your kitchen right now!

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Steak. You gotta love it.


Imagine life without beef? I’m not sure how India does it. Lol

So although I’m not a huge prime rib guy, they are good once in a while for me. Who is going to take the 16.00 Harrys Wednesday night special on? I forgot which night but happy hour one night has a cheeseburger and beer special for 10 bucks. I think it is monday. I am going to give that a go soon.

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I was SO tempted to go in on some of that grass fed action but then I remembered I couldn’t stomach the game last time. How was the game level on your steak?

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Acceptable, but then I like venison, goat, and lamb so I may not be the best proxy for your palate. It did have a little resistance to the bite too.

Overall, a good steak, but certainly not a great steak.

It did make a nice change from turkey,


Thank you so much for this heads up … I picked up two small roasts on Sunday.
In full disclosure I picked them up at the Croton Shoprite, NYS (forgive me NJ thread)
They were being sold whole and cut into steaks.
There were two packages in the case that kept getting picked up and thrown back in. I overheard
rumblings of “too much fat eww!” I grabbed them, they were beautifully marbled. I cut the
roast in half and gave it a 6 hour soak in of all things a bottle of lowery’s garlic and
black pepper marinade that I found in my pantry. Not sure how it got there, Probably purchased by DH
it did the job to temper the gaminess you described.
Seasoned before going into the pan with salt pepper and oregano powder.

Cooked to very rare the steaks were as tender as filet … A neighbor stopped by to help
DH move our old TV out smelled the steak cooking and stayed for dinner. He said it was the
best steak he had ever eaten … It was pretty darn fabulous… really beefy, tender delicious.
Maybe one of the best steaks I have had. For anyone not familiar with cooking grass fed beef, if cooked to even a hair over very rare the meat toughens up.
BTW this strip loin was way better than the roast I made a few weeks ago…probably because I cooked it
as a steak as opposed to a roast… steak rules!

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Very nice!!!

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Thick steaks are just so much easier to cook correctly…

Nicely done.


IMO a must with grassfed beef

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Interesting. I just bought a couple of those to try out for making jerky. They got sliced up & put into the cure last night. My first shot at jerky making so I thought I’d use a couple of those instead of a top round. If it goes wrong it’s easier to deal with 5 pounds of that rather than 25 pounds of top round. We’ll see.


@NotJrvedivici have you been to “butchers steakhouse” in Allenhurst?

I’m trying to wrap my head around this place. My IT guys went today for lunch and brought back 4 containers of various Mediterranean food, yet it appears to be a kosher joint. I’ve been snacking on all types of different food. It’s hours old but I’m kind of intrigued. I like the name at least.

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Nope, although if memory serves me correctly there was some talk about it on Chow some time ago.


Not much I can find online as far as solid reviews. In fact, it is strange how little info there is.

Hey do you perhaps have any St John spots? I’m heading there in two weeks.

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20 oz Corn Fed Angus Reserve Porterhouse, creamed spinach, tater titties:

Acme running a sale at $6.99 a lb. plus found a $3 off on 3.67 lb 3 pack.

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I’ve given up on Acme meat, dissapointed too many times. Looks great hope you enjoyed.

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My wife and I couldn’t agree more. We live right in River Plaza and unfortunately it’s the closest supermarket. Sometimes they do have Prime steaks and they are decent with some flavor, but we’ve pretty much given up buying beef there. We just go to Monmouth Meats for our steak fix.

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Hello nieghbor! Although I’m not in the River Plaza section my son played pop-warner for the River Plaza Chargers! That Acme is my “local” market as well and I can’t stand it. FYI Foodtown in Red Bank has an excellent meat/butcher department, its pricey but it’s good.

(Eat Me !) #161

Well gotta say this porterhouse was just fine…

Although, as we all know, I am a big fan of Foodtown for steak.

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Go River Plaza !!! We note the other Chargers may be moving to LA. A sad day for San Diego, indeed.

Yeah, it is a little tired, but then so is most of Lincroft with the exception of Luigi’s and Stamna. Oh, and Joyce’s deli for breakfast sammies.

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It is a modern marvel compared to the one in Shrewsbury that is now closed. (future Home Goods location) Even the “new” one at the old A&P location sucks in my opinion. Enough with chicken for $6.99 BOGO, just charge the $3.50lbs and let me actually buy the amount I want or need!