The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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So we now know that CeeJay orders steak for two, but eats the while thing himself !!!

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Honestly other than pizza there’s not too much worth going to far away for…da Noi is very close to west shore inn though…
Pizza is deninis, Joe and pats, and Lee’s tavern and those three rank with the best Anywhere…each pizza place has its certain specialties though…

There’s a budding ethnic scene on the north shore with Sri Lankan and Indian leading the way. One place was written up in the times several years ago with a.nice review but if your client is west shore inn kind of guy you’re probably not going there…m otherwise it’s italian, italian, and some italian, happy to name some of tje better places if ever needed.

There used to be a great burger place in my neighborhood known city wide but it’s gone way downhill…jodis on forest ave used to be a one good place for prime rib, but after he passed I don’t know if it’s the same.

Sadly this is one of the reasons we moved too…lol…would be a very happy to hear the west shore inn is back doing well again

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Sirloin fried in garlic and ginger with hoisin sauce and potstickers:

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That’s some good eats right there!!!

(Eat Me !) #127

Yes it was.

I threw in a few sprouts as a concession to roughage. Sauteed them with the steak.

Steak was very tender. Foodtown again.


Nice. Any good steak at food town on sale? I might hit Monmouth meats tomorrow and fire up a ribeye


Some ribeye and other goodies

Accidentally chopped brains head off…

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Korean BBQ?

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Pour House, Tinton Falls NJ. For $19.99 with soup and salad you can’t go wrong.


Yeah they put out some decent food for the money. I like the soups a lot usually. The salad, drenched in blue cheese, is also a good call :slight_smile:

And yes, I’m still literally in discomfort from the Korean lol

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2.75 lb chili encrusted NY strip loin:

To be served sliced with cheese enchiladas, guacamole and salad.


That’s a beautiful roast . I cooked one of those two weeks ago. Porter house was on sale and the butcher cut a roast for us and gave us the sale price… quite unexpected… my sister hugged him. As delicious and perfectly cooked as it was I would take a bone in steak any day!!!


Harrys lobster house has a sign out for 16.00 prime rib on wednesdays.

The other day I saw a sign for a cheeseburger and domestic draft for ten.

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Wow! That sounds really good. Gonna have to give that a try.


On Monday I went to the new rockallers station in long branch. I had the 8.00 flank steak lunch that included house cut fries. It wasn’t the best but for 8 bucks it was a decent deal considering a windmill steak sandwich, fries and a coke will run you like 15 bucks.

I want to try their “java strip” steak for dinner.

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Even though I’m in Aruba I’m still a Jersey boy so here is my vacation steak via El Goucho’s. Bad picture but it was a perfect medium.

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Steak looks delishus, but comin from Jersey gotta say that corn looks a little sad, certainly not Silver Queen.

Also, what was that little umbrella in???

You aren’t doing tiki drinks, are you???

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Good eye!! The umbrella was from my daughters sangria.


I don’t know how many of you are into aging your steaks at home, but a friend just posted this and he tells me that Pat LaFrieda thought the end product was fantastic.

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3 lb. Grass Fed NY Striploin:

ShopRite today and tomorrow $2.99 a pound.

Will be serving with a salad, creamed spinach & Tater tits.