The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


Lugers last Friday

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For 4? Looks like they’ve got new salt shakers since last time I was there 10+ years ago. Good to see them putting some money back into the place!!

I’m suppose to be hitting Empire tomorrow night, pics/post to follow.


My group got steak for 12 …for 10 …, there were 3 of those plates
they also served horseradish on side which I personally dont recall or ignored before. Probably been there 15-20 times in last 30 yrs. Surprisingly was first time I had onion rings there which were surprisingly good. BTW the waitstaff were friendly and I dont recall them ever being overly rude. I guess I’m a fan

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It has been a decade + since I have set foot in the place, however back in the day I use to go fairly often. I do not recall horseradish sauce every being served, nor have I ever had onion rings there. The waiters were never “friendly” however if they knew you they certainly treated you better than first timers/newbies. The secret was to never ask for a menu! (lol true I would always tell first timers to not ask for a menu for better service)


We just had a banging prime dry-aged ribeye for

two at Common Lot in Millburn. This steak can hold it’s own against any

in New Jersey.


We had a great time at Jeff ruby’s in cincy last night. This is a world class place! I won’t give any long winded review since it’s not in NJ, but enjoy some tomahawk pics. Josh decided to go all “healthy” on us with a dry aged filet “Oscar style” and raved about his meal…a great dining experience overall.

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Did you know that this dish is Swedish in origin?

The original version is a veal filet on a bed of choron sauce (bearnaise with tomato reduction), surrounded by lobster claws in the shape of the letter “O”, and the filet further topped with white asparagus and everything crowned by a lobster tail with shaved white truffles.

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Well since people are taking the liberty to post their out-of-NJ steak pics, here’s a little horseradish crusted prime rib on the bone (as it should be in my opinion). Had this last night at the West Shore Steakhouse in Staten Island last night.

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JV you were on the rock??? Curious how the steak was…west shore inn at one point was a good value spot, similar in ilk to pour house…however it’s changed hands so many times very last sterling years I couldn’t speak to it these days…
Not steakhouse related but if you fid yourself in the Ozarks of SI again Da Noi not too far away on Victory Blvd is good if you enjoy italian.

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This was my 2nd time here in the past 6 months. The first time I got the porterhouse and honestly it wasn’t much better than Outback / Lonestar. This time I decided to go with the prime rib and it was pretty good. I’m not going to say it’s a bad place, however I do question the banner that says; “Voted #1 Steakhouse on Staten Island”.

There use to be a very good Italian restaurant I went to right off the first exit over the Outerbridge. You took the exit went back towards the bridge and it was in a strip mall on the left hand side, I believe the name was Panera, similar to the chain. Were you familiar with that place? I use to really enjoy it, I hear good things about Angelica(s)? however I’ve never made it there. The person I have business with out there likes this West Shore Inn, however if I get a say next time I’ll try your suggestion. Thanks.

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I vaguely remember but can;t think of the name of the place you reference. Angelina’s is still good but used to be much better before the chef struck out on his own, now its a scene type of place; still good but not what it once was.
There are no great steaks on SI. Honestly for SI best bet is pizza, moderate Italian, and sri lanken…
Da Noi is not the be all end all but its solid Italian American standards with above average service (a rarity on SI) and its prob 5 min away from west Shore Inn. Are you limited to that neighborhood? I could suggest a few other spots but not sure how big your radius is…

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99% of the time I’m out there I’m entertaining someone and usually just go with their suggestion(s). I would certainly welcome your recommendations hopefully I’ll get to try them some time. I’m not really limited to any area…that is just where this one particular person likes so we go there.

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So how did they do that? Was it like a paste with flour in it? Would fresh horseradish just make a gloppy mess otherwise?


I like a little horseradish whipped cream on the side, and a little jus on the prime rib, that is just the best…

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Oh my man…you’ve never had a horseradish crusted prime rib before? Most commonly it’s a combination of horseradish and sour cream…spread over the rib then topped with a lite dusting of breadcrumb and placed under the broiler till you have the charred little crispy ends as pictured above. Good stuff!!

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No that is a really unusual preparation for me.

I have seen the horseradish and garlic rub applied to the outside of the prime ribs before roasting. It’s good enough, but I’m not a huge fan of that preparation since it destroys a lot of the essential flavor oils in the horseradish in the process.

For the slice like that I was wondering what kind of a binder you would use, because straight sour cream and horseradish just popped on top of a slice would sort of melt and release a lot of moisture. But you answered that, it’s breadcrumbs.

It also sounds like the kind of thing where you need an intense salamander to make it work.

So probably better at a restaurant than at home.

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Last night at Empire Steakhouse in NY. Almost forgot to take the pic but I remembered after a few pieces have been serve. I honestly love this place and thankfully I don’t do much business in Manhattan or I would live here.

(Don’t get me started on stories of when I had an office in Vegas!!! Hahahaha best worst idea of my life!)


Nice! Why do a lot of places insist on slicing it for you?

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Well by it’s nature, Porterhouse for 2 it would be rather awkward for you and I to be cutting our own slices from the whole steak. So I’m sure it’s for the “ease of sharing”.


Oh duh…that makes sense.

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The only problem is who gets the bone.

And that’s a good thing in this case. :laughing: