The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


I was going to ask that too.

Man my autocorrect on this phone sucks. It worked and then went haywire. Ugh


Wood makes it good. Go giants!

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AuGratin “style” potatoes.

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Just FYI Monmouth Meats has a small lot behind it. It’s accessible via pearl street. There is no signage so you kind of just have to figure out where to turn.

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Mc Canns is great for steaks. Have had the sliced garlic steak with their secret steak sauce and the burgers. Have not been hungry enough yet to attempt anything else… But soon…

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Does Prime Rib count as steak? Anywho here was mine tonight horseradish crusted. Courtesy Charlie Browns Edison NJ. :+1:


Man, maybe I was dreaming but I thought CB went out of business? I haven’t been there in probably at least 6 or 7 years. I think Tinton falls was my last trip…hell it could be even longer then that as years seem to be ripping by. Have you tackled the woodys tomahawk yet?

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Charlie Browns went through a corporate BK about 5 years ago, after the CEO Russ D’anton was caught taking kick backs from developers on new stores they built. His greed lead to him over expanding the brand, building far more stores than sales supported, because he was lining his own pockets, which led to the BK and closure of almost half the locations. There are still about 20 locations with the Edison NJ -or- Hightstown being the closest Monmouth County Locations.

Russ D’anton after his prison stint was rumored to be involved in B2 Bistro in Red Bank, although after much “fuss” regarding his involvement I"m not 100% he is still involved. (I created a thread about this on Chow a few years ago)


Thanks for the info.

Coffee rubbed hanger…not bad for 26 and the onion rings rocked.

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Here’s your tomahawk ribeye , Blu Grotto Oceanport Monmouth Racetrack;


Nice pic! Where the hell is this place? That town is small and I can’t figure out where this exactly is.

Sorry, I forgot to mention where I took that. That hanger was at the gaslight…decent steak. Hanger steak isn’t one of my top cuts but this was tasty and had good char with quite a rare center. In fact, it was like a Pittsburgh style steak. It should have been served on a hot plate imo. Those onion rings, dusted with some kosher salt, were really good.

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Blu Grotto is on grounds of Monmouth Park opened about 6 mos ago.


Ah I see. No wonder I haven’t driven by it. Is there a bar?

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Did you read my review CJ? I put a lot of work into doing those I don’t appreciate having to repeat myself! Yes there is a bar complete with 2 betting machines.

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My first time using a cast iron pan, had to go back in after I cut into it. From Foodtown Red Bank butcher, I said trick or treat and held my basket out but he still made me pay. Sucks being a grown up!!

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I went to Shoprite yesterday as they had strip on sale for 5.99. I went to the butcher to ask for a 2 inch thick cut, and ended up with the grass fed steak instead of the normal steak.

I could barely eat it! It was soooo gamey. I hate the feeling of being defeated by game in a meat. I’m usually pretty good with tolerating funk in meat but man, this was pretty off putting. How do you HOs feel about grass fed beef and gamey funk?


Yeah some grass fed cattle tastes awful for some reason while others are tollerable.

@joonjoon you need to see what I’m getting into tonight! stand by for a few hours…should be nice



Is any out of state steak porn permitted in this thread? :slight_smile:

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