The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

Thanks for that.


It is probably a little closer but a little slower route there since I have to cut through red bank. I live on the far side of Middletown. Sitting duck has a larger bar so that is what brings me there.

I got another prime rib at the duck this Wednesday. The end cut was good and this time it wasn’t the unicorn of a piece I had a few weeks ago. However, this medium temp end cut got the job done and I enjoyed it. This is probably my new wednesday night spot.


For you steak fans, just an fyi… mar belo tomahawks are 95 and I believe he said 60 ounces. I asked him “sixty” and he said yes so these could be monsters. This was friday night and I unfortunately didn’t make it there.

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I am a fan of end cuts, and that looks like one where there would be no leftovers.

just posted on the Nana’s kitchen thread- we’ve been needing to take a break from eating out for a bit, but man this looks good:



So I finally got to the Shrewsbury shoprite. That place is top notch…huge.

Tomahawks are are 10.99 a pound there now and wagyu 79.99 a pound


Wish you got in on the $ 9.99 prime t-bone/porterhouse sale they had a couple weeks ago. You really can’t beat their prices on prime cuts, very competitive.

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Yeah that is a great price. The tomahawks looked good but were not prime. The Berkshire chops didn’t look especially marbled (the one loin in the displayed case)

The ones in west long branch looked a lot better and it was the only time I’ve seen them there. Hopefully shoprite will have Berkshire at all their locations regularly. I hope it doesn’t become a fad where everything is labeled with the name. The kobe trend is just ridiculous. I got a kobe slim jim the other day.

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I found these at best market today. 4.99 a pound! Look at these babies! Those are 4 bone loin cuts


Make America steak again

All sides…


Your cast iron skillet has a lot of miles on it.

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(That’s a good thing)


That’s flavor country :wink:

Time to show this thread some love again. You guys tell. me, does this qualify for this thread:
(Credit to Monmouth Meats or as I’ve started calling them Mammoth Meats)


Did the car tip over?


2 ½ lbs?

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What is everyone else going to eat?

I don’t enjoy tipping your bucket… but that looks like a pretty generic apple