The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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Yes, I get them whole for parties at either BJ’'s or Restaurant Depot and trim them myself. Usually around $80- get about 7-9 filets and the ends for tips. No idea how Foodtown sells them at that price point, like I said it’s been they way for years.

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You know the interesting thing is even if it is not graded the filet is never going to be tough.

Even on old Charolais dairy cows from France it is still tender.

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Two and a half pound brontosaurus Porterhouse ready for the grill:

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Seasoned up with EVO, garlic, sea salt, cracked black pepper, oregano, and a squeeze of lemon:

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The steak:

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2½lb Porterhouse, Pastitsio, Greek salad:

Apella at home…

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You know I gotta say those Foodtown custom cuts are really good.

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Yep, been my favorite for years. Looks good enjoy!


Looking good vk! When’s my invite? :slight_smile:

Im not a filet guy either but I won’t turn them down.

I’ve got something warming up right now…will report back

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Pictures please.


This piece is going over lump and pecan as we speak…a little windy. I’m a mets fan but go cubs!

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Looking good. Is that about 1¼ lbs ?


Yes sir! 1.13…Vk is on his game!

Cooking now

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Hey, speaking of filet, anybody seen Beef Wellington on a menu lately?

Remember how that and Dover sole were the height of sophistication in the 70’s?

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This oddly plated porterhouse for 2 is from Stage Left in New Brunswick. First time here the steak and service, especially the service, were excellent I wouldn’t come back for steak. Far too pricey with a place like Steak 85 only a few blocks away, but I would like to try some other things on the menu. (Namely the wild boar)

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The burger at Stage Left is really good, or at least it used to be. I’d highly recommend it.

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I’ve wanted to eat here ever since my rutgers days, but the interview I had there to be a waiter went so poorly that I could never bring myself to do day perhaps…


Those onions look delicious. Did you order it that way or did it come like that?

Man I’m still thinking about that ribeye last night…came out really well.

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“Came out really well” awww geeze heck of a way to ruin a good rib eye CJ. (Joke)

That is exactly the way it came, I did not order it that way. The onions were meh in my opinion too similar to canned French’s Onions, kind of “cheapened” the dish to me if that makes sense. They really did seem canned.

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What’s on the plate behind the steak?