The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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Shop Rite, not bad it certainly served its purpose!


No bacon or cheese on that potato? :smile:


I’m a lots of butter and pepper guy.

Down here they put everything but the kitchen sink on them then throw in chopped BBQ, go figure.

I’ll stick with mass quantities of butter and pepper and eat the skin, thank you.


Yeah I agree. Lots of butter is the ticket but I don’t mind sour cream on top. I’m just fooling around with jr, he knows his way around a steak and potato!

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Amen! Butter and tons of black pepper. Maybe a dollop of sour cream.


Do you remember my story about my buddy and the tx brisket potato? Haha! That was a good one!


Check this out. This actually seems like a really fair price for what I imagine is a good steak (if you’re into funky aged meat)

The Independent: LA restaurant offering steak aged for more than a year.

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I can’t believe I’m about to say this but $150 doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch for that steak. Does it come with salad and a side, if so I’m in!!


Considering the new Rumson place is asking 125 for a ribeye with no weight or aging listed, 150 for this does not seem too bad. A year is a wild. I wonder what this tastes like.

I just booked tickets folks. Jr and I are heading here. LAX here we come! Lol

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Anyone try the steaks in Lidl yet? They had a nice ribeye the other day for under $8. Cannot remember the size, but it was large and probably would have been $12 in Shop Rite. I’ve been there twice now browsing around and investigating for an article on their pricing and have walked out with a cart load of items each time.

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No but I’m thrilled with the new Shop Rite, I got a 16oz American wagyu steak for $30. delicious!!!


No pic? You’re killing me!

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Since this was my vote for the Greggy I figured I should show it some love. Here is what the new Shop Right in Shrewsbury is offering:

Prime: $13-15.99 lbs
American Kobe/Wagyu $29.99

My last experience at Monmouth Meats was $99.99lbs for Japanese Kobe Strip. This was very overwhelming and I didn’t enjoy it.

This is my second time getting the American Kobe- Wagyu here and it’s a perfect mix between a prime steak and the Japanese Kobe. I really enjoyed this, 3-4 mins per side in cast iron pan was perfect. Only used a garlic salt combination and a little butter in the olive oil to cook it. Delicious!!

(I notice they must be doing the Kobe-Wagyu as a cooperative with Dearborn Farms)



Wow! that back pic of the ribeye looks awesome! I need to get over there and give this a shot. For 30 a pound that seems like a steal. I am on this. Thanks for the heads up.

Beautiful look steak and nice looking temp. Glad you enjoyed it

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Ok so this isn’t really a “big steak” post but it’s on recent topics in this thread. So I made Rueben stuffed bread for Super Bowl and I noticed the corned beef was very fatty. Fast forward tonight I go to snack on some and I noticed the label: Wagyu Coned Beef? WTF?? Seriously?? Anyone else see this before? I know I dam sure didn’t order it, but at $9.99 it’s not like they are completely ripping you off.

So anyone familiar with Wagyu grade corned beef or other cold cuts?


That looks like a nice buy at 9.99 a pound. I think you got a good deal. How was the taste? It looks very nice!


Got Snake River Wagyu from Costco at what I recall a reasonable price. This was about a year ago

Not enough fat. Won’t buy again.

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It tasted fine, good but not enough difference I would have noticed without reading the label.


I see the problem. It was Wagyu round, not brisket.

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My Korean-marinated flank steak from tonight. Served with baked potato slices topped with bacon, cheddar, and scallions.