The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


How fancy!

Not a cheap dinner, but I bet those martinis were at least $12 a pop. Glad you enjoyed.


38 bucks for surf and turf last night at ria mar I’m not really a filet guy so I am not sure why I got this. Maybe the charcoal tempted me . The 23.00 ribeye seemed like it would be too thin/small. I thought the lobster tail would have been larger.

I’m not sure how this place is so highly regarded. Sangria was tasty but just watered down. I couldn’t taste any brandy. Garlic shrimp dishes were not that big and the sauce was literally like broth. The bread wasn’t that great and they serve it with those rock hard butter packets. My food came out luke warm. I don’t know. They are doing something right since there was a line almost out the door when I left. Fernandes 3 blows the doors off this joint. Nothing was “bad” but nothing wowed me. I could go on about more things but I’m done ranting lol

I wasn’t paying so if I paid for this I would not have been a happy camper. Maybe I’m just a Portuguese food snob. After going to newark my entire life, my expectations might be too high.

I sampled 4 apps and some other mains…

Garlic shrimp, nothing special at all.

Some mixed grill meat platter, decent chorizo but everything was overcooked. The steak was well done

Clams in white wine were tasty with heavy garlic

The best dish was the chicken with bacon. The sauce sight, consistency and flavor (minus any curry) reminded me of an indian dish. My family was bread dunking the left over sauce on this dish over the garlic shrimp sauce. So was this dish that good or the garlic sauce that weak?

Paella was not bad. I like that it came with some king crab.

The spicy peel and eat shrimp were good and sizeable…not very spicy for me but tasty. I have some of my mom’s stuffed shrimp for lunch which I will try today. I will see if I can jazz my left over filet with some garlic butter. It was rather bland and I ate a lot of food, so I opted to take half of it home.

The house salad they serve at the beginning is decent. It is very vinegar heavy which I love.


"Earlier this month, two Jersey Shore restaurateurs came together to open the second location of Prime 13, a steakhouse in Point Pleasant known for its prime rib and 40-ounce rib-eye for two.

The restaurant opened in the space previously occupied by Brielle Ale House, owned by Chris, Frank and Matt Gullace. The brothers run the bar, and Gerard Tortora, owner of the Point Pleasant Beach restaurant, leads the kitchen."


Let the comments begin…

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I’ve eaten at 9-7-5-4 however I haven’t had the steaks they mention in this article. I honestly think when they are making lists like this they should exclude Atlantic City restaurants. They are a bit of an enigma given their location which automatically ads a 10% location surcharge to their prices.

(FYI In Atlantic City I will only get steak at Knife and Fork, love that place and have been going for 20+ years)


This is a weird list. There are definitely $100+ steaks on NJ not on this list. I guess you have to pay to be on this.


Could use some help with cooking time … these are 4 prime cap steaks, I just tied and trimmed them after taking pic. They are two inches thick and room temp … pan to oven … help


Need cooking time directions … yes I know I just replied to myself
would like them med rare


lol … I’m getting like GR and replying to myself :confused:
All’s well that ends well … DH called to say he was stuck in traffic, after I started cooking. Just
winged it and dinner turned out better than expected … steaks were fabulous, a simple but delicious dinner

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I don’t eat alot of beef but those steaks look super.

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I’ll just leave this here, those of you who know will know!


This is looking good! I think I might know where this is too :smile:


Hey not fair, I’m 1600 miles away and the only time I’ve been to the Garden State is a half dozen or so trips through EWR, while it was being remodeled no less so I don’t count it as being to New Jersey. I want to go where you guys live.

It’s like going to Cancun and saying you’ve been to Mexico, but you haven’t.


Nice looking hunk of meat, the redder the better.

I like simple.

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Well next time you are in EWR plan an extended layover and @corvette_johnny and I will come spring you from the airport and take you to some of the excellent Portuguese restaurants in Newark. (this picture is from one of their sister restaurants they opened much closer to us, called Fernandez. This is their “steak on a tile” a boneless ribeye served with maitre’ de butter, lemon and topped with garlic shrimp served on a heated ceramic tile to keep it all very warm. Delicious!!!)

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Might as well bring this thread back to the top, NY Strip with great sear, side of string beans almondine and a good ole baked tater. Good eats on the coldest day of the year.


Nice! Is that at Chez Jr?

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Si senor’


Damn that looks great! Can’t tell you the last time I had a great steak…

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Looks great. Where’s the beef from?