The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


So I cut up some very thin flank steak strips and made some “Chinese style” beef sticks. I used this generic marinade I found in the fridge, ginger paste, and sesame seed oil. You can’t see it but there is a small smoker box in the grill filled with hickory. I have to say, these things were tasty! It was about a 5 hour marinade with all three ingredients.

I think a full day or overnight marinade would make these even better. The wood was crucial. That smoke flavor really put these in another level.


So I was looking at the anjelicas menu and they now have a 20oz ribeye for 65 bucks. Is it me or is that steep for a rather modest ribeye? Does anyone know anything about it?

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Bone in? I was at Steak85 last Friday night I had a strip my buddy the ribeye and he loved it, pretty sure theirs is less than $65.


I hope it doesn’t have a bone for a 20oz steak at 65 bucks. I guess this place has totally blown up if they can command 65 bucks for a small ribeye. The pork chop went from 36 to 42. I think I’m done plugging places lol.

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Wow $42 for a pork chop is pretty steep for a pork chop. Hell my new favorite dish at Blu Grotto is their pork chop for $26. and I certainly prefer Blu Grotto to Angelica’s.


It is really a great dish. It is better than most steaks around here but yeah, 42 is a lot for a freaking pork chop!

I need to try that blu grotto one. Do they have a pork chop on their lunch menu? The sirena lunch pork chop is actually quite good. I know we all love to rip on pier village but it’s a solid dish. I think it’s 18 or 19

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Anyone who wants to spend $42 on a pork chop is welcome at my house. I’ll cook you a dozen. I’ll even through in all the homemade sauerkraut & mashed potatoes you can eat.

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and the address is…??? (I’ll round it up to $50 if you throw in two martinis!!!)


Yeah it is expensive. At 36 I thought it was expensive too. I haven’t had one at 42.00

To be fair, it is a double cut THICK Berkshire chop with two rib bones. It is the best around here that I’ve had.

And yes, I’m down for a pork chop extravaganza with you and jr. Lol

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I don’t think anyone ever made it to the AP Chophouse in the Berkely Hotel to eat since I saw no reviews, but you won’t have the chance as it is permanently closed.

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Ahhh… we’re doing shrubs this year but they’re just as good.


Some NJ beef…oktoberfest at bahrs. I also posted this into the oktoberfest thread…

Sauerbraten and beef rouladen…and some LITs

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Bahrs, really?? Interesting, just a FYI The Pour House has a decent Octoberfest menu.


Yeah I think I mentioned that in the oktoberfest thread. I will go again this year since it is about the only time we can get German food locally.

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Ah - we’re selling a LOT of Rotkohl, mustard & kraut this month.

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Funny I searched for a thread on Char but couldn’t find one so I’m going to leave this here. Similarly to how they say men can get the “7 Year Itch” I’ve got to admit I get a 12 mos itch. The itch is for a good steak, good cocktail and close to home. The scratch for this itch is generally Char in Red Bank which is where I sat my itchy ass down last night.

Honestly this was one of my better experiences here, drinks and service were prompt and the food was very good. (Thankfully)

Some kumomoto oysters, shrimp and 14 Oz prime aged strip!

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looks great…would certainly be nice to have a well regarded proper steakhouse nearby…
did you change anything up like different off hour or anything like that? OR was this just a random good experience?

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Random good experience. I had been a few times when they first opened and had several “bad to disappointing” experiences so I’ve just backed off. Now as I said maybe I go once a year when I just don’t feel like traveling too far.


What is smoking in the center of the shrimp and oysters plate?

We have only been for drinks and I’ve never been in a hurry to come for food.

Total cost?

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They drop some dry ice in water to give a little pizzazz to their raw bar offerings. Total cost was $ 120. including 3 martini’s. (without tip)