The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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He’s a big dumb animal folks.

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see I’ve been doing big guy in tiny jacket routine the whole time, no wonder I get nowhere…


Haven’t bought steak from the Foodtown butcher counter in quite a while. For a buck or 2 more (sometimes same price) I only go to Monmouth Meats…not worth the gamble and perceived bargain IMO.

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you pay for what you get

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Agree, I just was in Foodtown anyway and normally I’m never disappointed by their steaks. This was a rare exception.

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I know this doesn’t belong here but Mrs. P had an excellent melt in your mouth filet mignon, cooked perfectly medium rare at old school Italian restaurant Park Side in Queens Sunday night. At least she had the leftovers in NJ :wink:


All steaks are welcome in the big Ole steak thread :slight_smile:

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I don’t know guys, sometimes it feels like I’m single handily keeping this thread alive!! I went to The Pour House last night and Wednesday is their prime rib night. $19.99 includes soup AND salad AND choice of side. I asked if it were possible to get a double cut which they said yes for a $13.00 upcharge, so this beautiful piece of meat was $32.00. Absolutely worth it and very good and extremely tender. Honestly I had to force myself to finish it, next time I will ask if there’s a 1&1/2 sized cut I can get.

Side note: the only thing that prevents this from being a “best” prime rib is a lack of sear or crust of any kind. If this has crispy “skin” or outer layer, near the bone etc. this would be the best prime rib. Instead you can tell it’s just simply baked lacking that bit of char I prefer on a prime rib. Still for $19.99 it’s hard to beat this meat! (cross posted to Pour House Thread, give credit where it’s due)

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Now that’s an understatement!

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You might like Mara’s. Not really a steak place but the food is excellent & they do have a couple steaks on the menu. The chef/owner, Michael, is a friend of mine.

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Oh yeah that place on 35 in South Amboy, I’ve been to a couple of the previous Incarnations of this place. Good luck to your friend, I have no reason not to try it but it’s just in a difficult and out of the way location.

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And if you want steak, Fernandes is right there.

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Old Homestead in AC last night. Prime ribeye steak.

My ersatz dining companion put it best, “Never had a bad meal here.” We should make a new thread for them.

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Because you reminded me I went last night, steak on a tile, delicious as usual!

@seal can never go wrong at The Old Homestead, I used to enjoy going to the meat packing district to their original location. The Vansavoort(?) Hotel with a roof top bar is 1 block away, spent many a nights between the two of them, glad you enjoyed!

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Just got a flyer in the mail, this Wednesday 8/29 Aldi is selling USDA Prime Boneless Ribeye Steak for $14.99, anyone ever had?

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Do you know if it’s just on Wednesday?


For 14.99 I think I’d rather go to costco.

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Jesus Christ. I’m definitely beating my meat seeing that picture.

I really liked Pour House’s prime rib. Can’t quite put my finger on it but theirs tastes a little different from the standard flavor profiles. Can’t go wrong for 20 or 32 bucks.

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David it says available Wednesday 8/29 , available while quantities last.


Check this out. Esquire: Here’s Your Chance to Claim One of the Rarest Steaks in the World.