The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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Tonight will be my first night sous-viding. It’s going to be Costco sirloin, about 2 lbs. 130F for 1 hr, then pan-fry in a hot cast-iron skillet with ghee, a minute on each side. :yum:


The blue cheese bacon was decent greg…not great but pretty tasty. I was expecting better.

After having that Manhattan cut wagyu strip, I then ordered a wet aged ny strip the next day and it simply didn’t compare to the wagyu cut. Sadly I almost didn’t even want to eat it. That’s how good that wagyu was :confused:

Overall the place was fun and the sides/apps were tasty. I had a good time but that damn chop house wagyu ruined it for me lol


So I tried yet again for prime rib at the sitting duck last night. They were sold out at 730. It appears you need to get here quite early to get a slice.

I wonder why they don’t roast a few more racks.

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Interesting…I’ve never gotten there that early but you have a very valid point my friend.


Have you tried the steak and crab cake Thursday special?

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No, it’s a 12oz steak, what am I doing with that?? Lol

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Here’s my second try with sous vide, I’m glad I used a cheaper sirloin cut, there’s a lot to learn. This has a better sear, the first one looked like gray mush. Unfortunately, a better sear led to medium instead of medium rare and a gray-band-of-death. Meat was juicy and tender though.
I’ll keep trying!


18.99 a lb for skirt steak at livoti’s. Are they kidding? I walked out with nothing.


Is it at least outside skirt which is better, tougher to get and more expensive which I can get at a carniceria in Houston for 7.99/lb.

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As @seal said: “Why I joined Costco”:

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@corvette_johnny I’m sorry but an honorable mention to my friend CJ who promotes the espresso rub, tried it tonight and enjoyed the flavor and char it gave the steaks!


Wow…nice job Bob! Those look killer. I’m glad to hear your experimenting is going well. Not much better than a big prime ribeye


@NotJrvedivici and @seal to the white courtesy phone…

Posting this here because I don’t have much information to offer, but the Berkeley Hotel in Asbury Park now has signage outside that says AP Chophouse, and someone on a local (non-food) website reports that it’s being run by the folks who own Buona Sera in Red Bank. Discuss. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


People are RAVING about this place on the local Next Door board… is it possible that nobody on here has any intel about who’s running it?

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If you are referring to AP Chop House you were correct it’s the Buona Sera people, which means I’ll probably never go there. lol But that is who it is that’s running it. (Probably Big Mike)

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Threw this guy on the grill in the rain yesterday, bone in ribeye from Foodtown in Red Bank. Gotta say it wasn’t the best steak I’ve gotten from them, rather chewy, especially at the same price point I got those prime ribeyes (above somewhere) at Costco. I’m not throwing the baby out with the bath water, I’m still a big fan of the meat department at Foodtown but this one was a let down.

Friends were saying the meat / steaks at Acme in Little Silver is very good, anyone know? Acme meats in Lincroft and Shrewsbury are awful, could Little Silvers be that much different?? (for what it’s worth I don’t hold this friends opinion of good steaks too highly, but figured I would ask)

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Jr- did you get from butcher counter or the case? I’ve been somewhat disappointed in the steaks there last cpl of times. I’ve been sticking to meats for slow cooker/braising recently. Lots of rump roasts for pot roast these days.

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Always from the butcher counter, I don’t bother going there for steaks out of the case. As the matter of fact I always use one of my favorite movie lines while the butcher assists me.

Butcher: “Which steak would you like?”
Me: “Well I could get a good look at a steak by sticking my head up a cows ass, but I’d rather ask you which one looks good”

(Ode to Tommy Boy)