The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

(Jeff) #822

Does this mean you couldn’t finish one or both?

(Joon) #823

Yo what has happened to beef prices at Costco??? Went there to shop for a party the other day and just about every decent cut is over 10 bucks now!! The fucking boneless short rib is 10 bucks. Only thing cheaper worth getting was the flap meat at 8. Man I remember when flap used to go for 2 bucks and change.


Yeah nothing is cheap now it seems, especially beef. The damn rodeio grill rodizio with skirt steak “option” is 32 bucks now.

I’ve never been in the store but my ex used to get skirt steak for 5.99 a pound at best market. It’s 14 a pound at food town now :confused: I know viking posted a flyer special recently and they had skirt on sale again. It seems every few weeks or monthly you can find a good sale. I’m not paying 14 a pound for skirt steak

(Junior) #825

One Sir, just one.

(Kathy S. ) #826

Where’d you go?

(Joon) #827

At least we still have consistent 6$ ribeye/strip/porterhouse sales at supermarkets. Costco steak prices used to be around the same as supermarket sale prices. Now the costco meat prices are pretty much the same as supermarket regular prices.

(Greg Caggiano) #828

Actually just bought a can of leg meat at Shop Rite. Mixed with mayo, dijon mustard, Worcestershire, a splash of hot sauce, butter, and seasonings.

(Junior) #829

Actually I just finished it!


Nice. Do you remember the brand? I like Philips crab leg meat. It isn’t as good as blue claw but it is still tasty stuff. I will just eat it out of the can with some old bay and butter.


Not sure what you mean lol

(Greg Caggiano) #832

Not sure. Maybe Phillips? Maybe a generic brand. They have several different kinds. Jumbo lump, leg, and then “special crab”, which I didn’t examine further. Next time I go I will look and report back.


Sorry it is the lump meat I buy. They have pretty good prices at costco.


So how are you cooking these babies up Dave?

(David) #835

Feels like a lifetime ago already even though it’s only been a few days. I had few options so I just did the old standby cast iron pan and finish in the oven. I unrolled and cleaned them up a little then just salt and pepper. Seriously good eats and enough for six portions.

@corvette_johnny - If you don’t mind me asking, how much was that wagyu ribeye cap you had?


Sometimes simple is the best way.

It was 80 something ala carte. Not cheap but not legit kobe prices. 7oz

(Greg Caggiano) #837

I’ll have to check Costco. Shop Rite can be ridiculous. Lump crab meat is usually $30 for a can. Leg meat is $12.99. So for something like Imperial, where it is covered and baked, I go with leg. If I was doing crab cakes or cocktail, then definitely lump.



Prime tomahawk ribeye, $12.99/lb father’s day special from Costco.
[OK so this is not NJ, but in my defense (A) there is no San Francsico steak thread (Big Ole or otherwise); and (B) I was born in Teaneck.]


We NJ HO’s are happy to have you contributing! WOW those look good.


Manhattan cut ny strip…don’t see these everyday. Wagyu too. 16 Oz …first time actually having a Wagyu cut this way… " the lazy mans ny strip" lol

What a steak! Holy cow. If this place was near me I’d be broke or dead lol. 2nd time here…world class place. I got a complimentary ride home from the doorman in their suburban.

(Greg Caggiano) #841

That’s a magnificent looking onion ring.