The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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Safe travels my friend, enjoy some steaks and share your experience!


Really looking forward to the reports.


Thanks fellas. Monday I have reservations for a world class place

Sunday I’m not sure yet and will be with my coworker. Tuesday I’m going out with some Japanese counterparts so most likely it will be Japanese food. And yes, they will only eat at places run by Japanese if they choose Japanese food, which is likely. I will hopefully know tomorrow where we are headed. I hope some good food is in my future.

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Just checked out their menu. “Thick Cut Bacon and Bleu Cheese Dressing” sounds right up your alley.

I must say, for a place of that caliber in the middle of Chicago, the prices are not bad at all.

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Well, we ordered a Porterhouse “Rare+ Pittsburgh style” at Mortons and managed to get out without an ass beating. It was absolutely delicious. Perhaps the best crust I’ve ever gotten on a steak. It had a uniform, nearly burnt and awesomely crispy crust all over. I don’t have a pic but it kinda looked like this.


Unfortunately since this was a 24 oz porter, it didn’t have the thickness to keep the inside rare and it was actually slightly overdone for my tastes, somewhere between M and MR. Next time I’m there I’m trying this steak Pittsburgh super rare. I’m so excited to try it again! It’s been a while since I’ve been excited by a restaurant steak.

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Just had lunch in the city and enjoyed this big boy! (Empire Steakhouse W. 54th location not my normal E50th spot)


That is quite a hearty lunch!

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I joined Costco this week mostly for this:

Prime ribeye caps.


The best part of the best cut!

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Exactly I can’t believe their prime (and choice) cut prices. I’ve been going there more for that too! Congrats enjoy!

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Ahh it’s been a while since I’ve splurged for one of these. Mmmmmm


Joon speaking of pittburgh style, this was the wagyu ribeye cap I had the other day. I think it’s posted above too. This thing was nuts. It was totally charred up on the outside yet the inside was super soft and warm so you got hot “outside” crispy goodness along with fatty warm tender “inside” meat. The combo in one bite was off the charts. Whoever cooked this thing was on point! The pic doesn’t look great but I can assure you this thing was mouth watering.

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God I bet that was fricking amazing!! I think I need to try my hand at doing a pittsburgh steak at home.


It was serious! I haven’t had anything like it.

I would try this out. I think you will really like it

Do you happen to have a blow torch? That’s pretty much the way to go p burg on a steak at home. Nothing really will get hot enough but you can cheat with some char crust. If you decide to mess around with char methods, definitely keep a fire extinguisher around. I’m dead serious. Shit can go wrong very quickly with blazing hot temps and fat/oil. I almost learned the hard way and got very lucky.


Also, nothing like taking a fatty piece of cap and lathering it in butter lol. I got instant infused butter flavor, salt, char crunch, then warm inside with plenty of fat. That was a fun steak adventure! Sin city doesn’t play around. It leaves you tired, broke, hungry, horny, and wanting to come back for more :slight_smile:

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This should probably go in the “What’s Cooking?” thread, but here goes. Made flank steaks tonight topped with crab imperial. The steaks have a dab of garlic butter before topping with the crab. Sides of orzo pasta and spinach.




Nice. What kind of crab?

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Greg I would like to point out TOS 4.2 Sec 57 Sub Sec A) 3rd paragraph states:

“When making and posting about flank steak with garlic butter thou shall invite the opposite of a “senior - vidivici”

Just so the next time you don’t get in trouble.

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My esteemed colleague I’ll see your prime rib eye end cuts (via Costco) and raise you the two largest most obnoxious boneless rib eyes (choice) via Costco.

As much as we all know I love steak these two steaks were 4.44lbs or 2.2lbs per rib eye. Honestly as much as I love steak, this is obnoxious individual portions and I’m not ashamed I couldn’t finish. The only reason I bought these was because it was the only 2 pack of steaks they had left.

Delicious non the less and plenty of left overs.