The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


Texas lobster rolls. Lobster in fresh flour tortillas with melted butter.

This also works well with boiled crawfish with the fat squeezed out of the heads.

(Eli Paryzer) #781

CJ, if you hurry, you can get a 90 day dry aged rib eye at Viaggio :wink:


Wowzers! Those look delicious! I am about to cook up a ribeye and two strips :slight_smile:

(Gary ) #783

Local Stop & Shop in Point Pleasant this morning.

(Junior) #784

Stop and Shop? Really??? WOW…great tip!!! This is the first time I have ever seen a tomahawk in a super market. Can’t beat that price…

(Stew) #785

you pay for what you get


Those look damn nice for 9.99 a pound. Did you end up getting any?

(Joon) #787

Anyone familiar with cooking a steak Pittsburgh style, and has anyone tried it at a restaurant?

I ask because I’m heading over to Morton’s for some steak tonight, and one thing I wish it had more of is more char on the steak. Last time I spoke to the manager about this and he said I could order it Pittsburgh style, and I believe he told me that they take it out of the broiler and sear the crap out of it in a pan. Any thoughts on cooking/eating a steak like this?

(Wayne G. Robinson) #788

When I was a young one on business in Chicago I ordered a steak “Pittsburgh” at a real Chicago steakhouse. They didn’t bat an eye and delivered a steak that had a great char on the outside and was pretty much rare toward the middle. They obviously knew what they were doing and started out with a great piece of beef. My current infrared grill can come very close - however when used on high the difference between rare and well is less than a minute.

Summary: Think cooking with a blast furnace - steel, Pittsburgh and all that. if it’s a place that knows what they’re doing, go for it.

(Junior) #789

Or pretty much raw in the middle. I don’t care for this method of ordering or eating steak, just too rare for me.

I have had an infrared grill for a few years now, I’m honestly torn on my opinion of it. You are correct it can sear the hell out of a steak, but keeping the infrared grates “clean” is a full time job. That and the fact I’m on my second set of the infrared and cooking grates over a 3-4 year period is making me think this is the last season with this grill. I’m going to go back to a Weber they are hands down the best grills out there. (at least in my opinion) I think they have a model with a specific searing section.

(Wayne G. Robinson) #790

I had an all-metal, no foolishness, Charbroil for years. I replaced things as needed - right up until the valve assembly became unobtainable. After a little research I came up with this:

I bought this around 2000 and used it regularly. I had to replace the burner this year - I have no complaints about the service length. This grill uses perforated ceramic plates to make heat - from what I understand most manufacturers use appreciable cheaper and less robust solutions.

There was a steep learning curve - being the kind of guy I am I tried to cook things VERY hot and fast. I have now come to accept that the ‘medium’ setting is enough - I measured 700 degrees from a cast iron pan placed on the grill top - and now I can make it do what I want.

(Junior) #791

Funny we experienced the exact same learning curve. I used to like high and fast but always burned the steaks, cooking them to medium well to well done. Until I learned, get the char, 2 mins each side then turn the burners down.

Nothing above medium heat for any poultry etc.

(Joon) #792

I think at least at Mortons they’ll let you order, say a “Pittsburgh Medium Rare”. So they keep the doneness and just add a little extra char. I don’t mind blue steaks from time to time but in general I want my meat warm. I guess I’ll try the order and see how it is!

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You try that move at Lugers and they throw you out on the street. Possibly slash your tires as well, but I don’t want to vilify them.

(Joon) #794

One day you and I are going to Lugers and ordering two steaks. One pittsburgh medium rare, and another, pittsburgh well done. :grin::joy::rofl:

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Joon, my man…if you are looking for us to get an ass-beating, I can arrange that a lot closer to home!


I stared at it too, admiring the effort at presentation with the kitchen tool placement…


You should feel comfy ordering Pittsburgh at Morton’s. Enjoy it!

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FYI dinner last night at One18 Bistro, $24. Best steak around. Didn’t you ask me if I knew a bartender named Mike? I asked about him last night, it was the guy with the ponytail I mentioned, unfortunately he has since left One18, but to answer your question; Yeah I know Mike!

(If it wasn’t you then whoever it was that reads this it’s for you)


If this strip is better than CC, they are on me for turning me onto them lol.

I’ve got a Chicago trip coming up sunday and there are some good steaks there. Wish me luck…trying some new places.