The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

(Eat Me !) #42

Picked up 2.5 lbs porterhouse for tomorrow night.

Today for lunch had steak tacos:

(David) #43

Went to Sabor Do Brasil in WLB near Jack’s last week. AYCE meat and salad bar for $25pp ish made sooo much better because ALL I ate all night was skirt steak and more skirt steak.

(Eat Me !) #44

A big plus one for Sabor.

They have the meats !!!

We have to be careful with this, however, because someone who is watching this thread closely with glasses, schnabel and a mustache uses any mention of Sabor to launch flaming love letters to Fernandez.

(Eat Me !) #45

The French think rib eye is the best cut, they call it entrecôte. So you’re not alone there. It definitely has more marbling, and fat means tasty.

(Junior) #46

In keeping with my earlier vow; 24oz Kansas City Sirloin courtesy The Pour House, Tinton Falls NJ. A decent piece of meat made better by requesting it heavily salt & peppered prior to grilling then drizzled with a little clarified butter before serving.

(Eat Me !) #47

Yum !!! Nice grill marks.


Nice…I find the PH and sitting duck to be a pretty good value. I assume you hit up the salad and soup? I think all their entrees come with that from what I remember.

I need to try sabor again. I went once and wasn’t really excited. I have to give it another shot.

(Junior) #49

Yes comes with soup or salad, specials come with soup & salad. Pour House puts out decent food at a decent value, much prefer going to them vs. a TGIF or Outback etc.

I’ve never been to Sabor and I’m torn if I’ll try it, I’m loyal to Fernandes!!


Sabor is a buffet place and in the back there is the grill. It’s not served like Fernandes/traditional rodizio style where they serve you meat cut off the skewer at your table…fyi. You have to walk up and ask for meat. You might know that though. I still like my old stand by rodeio grill. Along with some good meat, those piping hot fries get the job done. It’s not Fernandes level, but it’s a lot more convenient for me.

(Eat Me !) #51

Mostly good, but you do have to watch out, microbiologically speaking, for soups and salad dressings at Pour House.

I suspect their blue cheese in several late night emergency reading sessions.

(Eat Me !) #52

I like the meats at Sabor, nicely seasoned and interesting choices ESPECIALLY including the skirt steak. The sides buffet is just kind of ok, but Helga really likes their flan.

And it’s hard to beat the price. $ 23.95 for all you can stuff, lunch or dinner, with flan included.

(Junior) #53

NotJr’s steak of the day comes from his own kitchen. Bourbon Honey-Dijon with shiitake mushrooms and shallots served over filet mignon. Sides of Truffle mashed cauliflower and cheese and creamed spinach. Been awhile since I’ve had time to cook, nice home cooked meal.

(John) #54

Well the ribeyes will make you drool just looking at them in the case. Strips are also very good. Tell Mike you’re a friend of Boheme Foods (the sauerkraut guy) & he’ll hook you up. And while you’re there let me make a shameless pitch for the Boheme Foods Sauerkraut. For when you’re in a pork kinda mood.


Thanks bud…I need to check it out.

Does anyone know anything about wennings meats in long branch?

(Junior) #56

FYI let me add (since I was just looking at my leftovers a bit pissed off) the meat was from Acme in Lincroft, hands down the worst meat of anywhere in the area. Seriously I rarely buy anything besides chicken there, but I was too lazy to drive elsewhere and I regret it. Worst part of the meal was the steak itself. Rant over - thank you!

(Eat Me !) #57

Gee, Stop n Shop is pretty bad too. Don’t forget them.

(Mr met) #58

For supermarkets it seems to go foodtown then shoprite as far as acceptable around here. Everything else seems to be subpar. Have to try monmouth meats soon, heard it’s a good place but parking and hours are rough so I usually end up at foodtown. However the steaks behind the counter are pricey. Also only place around here for reasonable fillet is costco.

(Junior) #59

Metsfan the filet mignon behind the butcher case at Foodtown is $34.95lbs (has been this price for a long time) and I have a hard time justifying that price. Acme was $15.99lbs so I figured why not, it’s filet generally a decent piece no matter where from. Not to say it was bad, but it also wasn’t good, hard to explain but just a reminder I could /should have crossed the street and stopped at Pats Market.

(Mr met) #60

JR i agree on the foodtown filet price, it’s insane, for that much you can go to ruth Chris or another mid to mid plus level steak place instead. We Only do costco for filet around here. Most grocery stores around here only stock select grade that I see too I’m the filet.

(Eat Me !) #61

I think Best Market has in the bag filets for $5.99 a lb this week.

If you don’t mind dressing them yourself, that’s a good price.

For $ 34.99 you could pretty much get a whole filet, make steaks and tips, and freeze it in.

BTW, I am not the world’s biggest filet fan. I find it a little dry for my taste, it usually needs sauce.