The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


Interesting. Do you have any pics of your setup or product? I need some motivation!

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On Chowhound there is an extensive post.

My basic set is a drip pan, a rack, and some cheese cloth to keep goobers from falling on it.

Rotate once a day for first three days and then once every three days after that.


OK so day 7 of fake aging experiment. The meat is noticably firmer and it is starting to dry out some. I wrapped it saturday at around 830 pm and I just checked it now on monday at 615 pm. I wrapped it backed up and put it in for another night. So I may cook it tomorrow or Wednesday depending on how it looks tomorrow. I think I am just going to cook it with salt and nothing else…not even charcoal. I want to see what flavors I get…if any

I believe now we are seeing some new darkening. Top pic from today compared to orginal.



Does anyone ever buy from dutch’s in ewing? My coworkers brother inlaw is a madman and only buys the best stuff money can buy. He drives from colts neck to buy aged beef here. He apparently only buys aged beef and only from this spot.

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I don’t, but I will! My sons off campus frat house is in Ewing, I guess I’m going to have to pay Dutches a visit. ( does your friend know of Monmouth meats?)


Yeah he knows his way around here. He is basically the mayor of colts neck. You probably know him.

If he travels here I can guarantee it is good. Whether it is worth the drive, I’m not sure but this guy does not screw around with anything…from food too farming equipment to offshore fishing and hunting, he goes balls to the wall.

Ps…check to see what’s up first. I think they might do wholesale so make sure you can get it before you go. I know you have some connections so just check it out. I’m down to split a rack if you want.

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IF you Head to Ewing there’s a supposedly great Hungarian place I’ve had on my list to try forever that’s worth a visit.


OK guys, it is the day of truth. The steak is out and smelling funky. I just took it out to rest for an hour and a half and salted it up to further enhance the tenderization process. I will obviously wash that salt off soon but it is now working to pull even more moisture out. Hopefully I’m not pushing this too far. I have a feeling it is going to be a hit or I might have bothched it up.

Two pics from a few minutes ago…

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Wow…good luck! (Just in case of a medical emergency I’m not in he area tonight) nahhh you’re good!!!


Alright so the experiment is done…

Bottomline, I got ZERO dry aged flavor. However, I got some interesting flavor. The umami profile is freaking off the charts! My tongue and the roof of my mouth have been tingling for about 20 minutes. It is almost kind of a numbing sensation. I guess when you soak a steak for 5 days this is what happens with fish sauce. I really was digging that. It tastes nothing like fish once cooked. The steak was definitely more tender but I’m not sure how really describe it. Let me think that over.

I cooked it with nothing and simply used some cut off fat to lubricate the cast iron pan. There was so much smoke that I kind of got thrown off and took the steak off a little early. I had a few end slices but I’m letting this place air out and I’ll maybe cook some up in butter and/or some seasoning. I love ribeye so I’m thinking about how to heat this up and what to season it with.

I had both doors open, hood fan cranking, fan cranking and my house still looks like snoop dog and woody Harrelson were here.

Overall it was a fun experiment. I didn’t get any type of dry aged flavor but I learned that fish sauce is a cool marinade. I will write more but my final thought is that I will next time do a fish sauce skirt steak marinade and try to emulate some Thai dishes I’ve had. So 13 dollars, a little fish sauce, a zip lock bag and a baking rack was all it took. I had a good time and hopefully this will encourage people to try some fish sauce dishes.


Cooked to perfection. Good show. Jolly good show!

I stared at the picture for over a minute checking out each hunk of meat.

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My roommate once tried to “age” a piece of meat in our fridge once. I will never forget how it tasted. Like death. And I distinctly remember getting a numbing sensation from it. I’m pretty sure that’s from the meat going bad and not from the fish sauce. :slight_smile:

Glad your experiment turned out alright! It’s really not worth “aging” a single steak, you really won’t get any aging benefits from it and it will only go rancid and smell bad. In my experience the only way it works is if it is vacuum sealed at the butcher, that way you can keep it in the fridge a few extra days and you do get a little extra tenderness from it.


Yeah I am well aware you need to age a lot of meat at once. I tried to cheat the system and try this method. I honestly don’t think the tongue thing was old meat. I’ve eaten plenty of old shit in my day and this was much different. I had two beers and my tongue still was numb. It was msg on steroids. Keep in mind I put a lot of fish sauce and this was a 5 day soak. Next I will try skirt and do 3 days I think. I think the sensation is from the fish sauce and I will see if I can replicate it. I also salted the steak down so this might have combined forces with the fish sauce.

I still have to think of words to describe the flavor. I will report back

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Well I do give you credit for baiting me into watching you play with your meat, not something I ever thought I would say.

Anywho…has the dumbness…I mean numbness subsided? (see what I did there???)

Do me and yourself a favor, next time just go to Monmouth Meats and get a piece of properly aged meat!

All joking a side, good job, sorry it didn’t work out better for you.


Yeah I think my dry aging urge is done with for now. I will just buy it. However, I can see some killer skirt steaks on the horizon using fish sauce.

And yes the tongue has calmed down! I have no clue what did it. Joon mentioned old meat but I’ve eaten lots of questionable old steak, and I never had anything like this. I’ve learned to not chuck old food away. It lasts much longer than most people think.

I met this cool guy John who drinks at the sitting duck. This was many years ago. He talked to me about food preservation as he is a survivalist and teaches classes for a living. He taught me a lot and I won’t preach, but I’ll say food lasts a lot longer than you think in “cold weather” (or your fridge)


I ate a can of tuna 2 1/2 years past expiration date a couple of years ago and I’m still here.


I’m flagging this for excess snark and I hope something happens but I doubt it as one mod is pretty lame.


Thought you all might be interested in this:


Do you know much those are?

It seems restaurants are now trying these faux aging processes. I wonder how much they will cost compared to the real deal.

I was trying to make it to Carnevinos the other day in LV. I want to try their 240 day aged steak but my boss didn’t want to eat steak that night :frowning:


Since many of you are on this thread, I thought I’d say Happy Father’s Day to you HOs! Hope you have (or cook) some good eats today!