The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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I was in Costco last night, their regular price was $8.99 which I thought was “decent”. You can’t beat $5.77 though!!

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Grass fed too!

Chimichuri time…

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Man, skirt is so expensive now. It doesn’t feel too long ago that it was 2 bucks/lb at BJs. I just can’t wrap my head around paying ribeye prices for skirt.

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Stop and Shop has NY strips on sale this week. about $6/lb


Tell me about it. Remember when filet mignon used to be “the cut” and command the highest prices? Now my local foodown charges 14 a pound for skirt steak. I don’t buy it there but I’m just saying.


We need some chimi pics and the recipe :slight_smile:

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In a blender:

EVO, a splash of red wine vinegar, a head of garlic (peeled), half an onion, a jalapeno, a bunch of parsley and a bunch of fresh oregano.



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Oregano is coming up in the garden, pics will have to wait.


No vinegar?

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See amendment above. I don’t use a lot. It should be oily. Not a salad dressing.

I find the whole head of garlic to be absolutely necessary, and it needs to be fresh and juicy.

You can substitute red pepper flakes (pepperincini) for the jalapeno if you like it a little less zippy.


Has anyone ever tried anything like this? I want to give it a shot myself. I’m just a dumbass and will probably forget about it after 100 days…or 2 weeks

If the prices I read on the internet are correct, I think I’d rather fly somewhere. Am I missing something? It appears this takes a decent steak, jack daniels, and time. All of these I can easily get easily



Hi cj,

No path to the video. Are you writing about a sauce, prep or ???


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OK I think I fixed it

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Yep you did. But why waste good Tennessee sipping whiskey on a steak?

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I don’t buy it. I don’t believe the alcohol is going to penetrate the meat beyond the surface layer which gets trimmed. I doubt the steak once finished has any flavor tones beyond that of any other dry aged steak of equivalent time frame. Just my opinion, with that said I’ll be first in line to drop a few bills to find out if I’m correct. Lol


I thought the same thing and tried this years back. They came out like shit. I tried all different ways and they all tasted terrible. Put it this way, if this lady can get 700 dollars for a steak, she is doing something right. I just want to figure it out.

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I believe they preserved Lord Nelson’s body in a cask of brandy, so at least the steak won’t go bad.

Dry aging actually has mold and beneficial enzymes that are changing the flavor.

Alcohol would stop all those biochemical processes.

So I’m guessing it’s worse.

Best of Asbury [NJ]
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Geeze, I just realized I"m of the age now when I say, “I’m chasing skirts” it actually means I’m looking for skirt steak on sale. ((sigh))


I remember when fajitas became popular in the 70’s in Houston you could only buy them in carnecerias, Mexican meat markets. I lived in a mostly Hispanic neighborhood so it was no problem.