The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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Joel Robuchon has high prices, smallish portions and some of the best food I have had anywhere. The service is always outstanding. I’ve been a few times and always done the tasting menu but they also have 3 or 4 course menus of bigger portions.

It is located in the MGM casino, along with L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. The share a kitchen, L’Atelier is a little less structured, with a counter where you can watch food being prepared.

I also ate at Guy Savoir, Jaleo, Raku Japanese Grill and É by Jose Andre. All were excellent in their own ways. PM me if you want to know more.



Rare for the win! Did you slice that? Lol. Nice job if so


Funny enough the order was for med rare but I’ll take it. Excellent tonight. Last few visits have been as good as ever and I have had a Luger card since 1986. 5 of us polished off 2 triples. My young friend in the picture needed to attack the bone as well.

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Well this is the The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread, but since this is Luger’s you get a pass.

That looks awesome, I haven’t been back to Luger’s since 98’ when I received my Luger’s credit application ripped in half in the mail. (long story you will have to buy me a drink to hear) Honestly though, I find some of the Luger’s offspring in Manhattan like Ben and Jacks or Empire Steakhouse (both owned by the same family) to be “just as good” without the hassle of going to Crooklyn.

Your post made me go to their website to reminisce a bit and I noticed some changes. They now have bar stools? The bar was always standing room only, and it seems as if they have added carpeting to the dining room? Have you noticed if they have “softened” their appeal a bit?


Ha I know I was taking liberties but couldn’t help it. I really haven’t been a fan of the space since they took over the building next door and added the new room behind the bar. That reno created a much wider space in the bar area. I usually request a table in the original dining room in the back but couldn’t swing it this time.

When I worked in midtown in the 80s I used to frequent Sparks alot and have the same feelings once they expanded their space. Ruined the “clubby” atmosphere and was never the same since.

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Oh you see I had no idea Luger’s had expanded. So it’s not the bar area, back dining room and “main” dining room to the right anymore? (Obviously not including upstairs which I barely remember)

Sparks (in my opinion) was the first NY Steakhouse to try and create a fine dining experience. Up until Sparks it seemed all NYC Steakhouses took the Luger’s method of “boys only club” with bare tables, limited linen, well lit and little with regard to ambiance. Sparks changed that and that is one of the things I appreciate about the steakhouses I mentioned above.


Yeah they expanded about 10 years ago adding the dining room behind the bar (all of the other rooms, including upstairs are as you remember them). The subsequent widening of the bar area has really given a more “airy” feel and it really never feels as jammed as it used to.

I think the gentrification of the area has something to do with that as well…no longer need to think about tipping the parking attendant that used to watch your car in the lot across the street anymore…

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NOOOOOOOOO!!! Say it ain’t so!!! The best part of bringing clients to Luger’s for dinner was the look on their face as you turned down Broadway, which at the time Luger’s was the only building occupied, in the complete darkness. Once you went a block you would see their lights, the only building with lights. and the parking lot. Razor wire and a guard at the gate…lol classic.

So are you saying you are seriously safe to leave your car on the street now?


Indeed it is …for better or worse…I see you haven’t been to Williamsburg lately :open_mouth:


I’m sorry, but I had a good laugh when I read this. You really, really must share this.

No I won’t buy you a drink but if you come to Houston I’ll buy you a blowout at the best Tex-Mex place on the planet with dinner well north of $150 depending on the amount of alcohol consumed.

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I can see you haven’t been to Brooklyn in a long long time.

All of Williamsburg is swarming with fuzzy ewoks types wearing square glasses and bothered thinner Lululemon chicks who may, or may not, be pushing strollers.

It’s barely ok for the Hasidim anymore, much less relics of the 80’s like us to be wandering around. Too hip for comfort.

It’s really, really expensive too. A good apartment in Brooklyn will set you back almost as much as Manhattan these days.

Luger’s for us old-timers is better at lunch. I find the evening crowd too obnoxious. Just not my scene.

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No. Alternate side parking is still in effect.


That story is on here somewhere… @NotJrvedivici do you remember which thread it’s in??

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Didn’t it involve Pierre, the 5lb lobster ?

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No dumping of Law & Order bodies on the Brooklyn waterfront either.

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It’s actually in this thread, post 7:

I do believe, however, that the fuller version of this lesson in abject humiliation is on the former ChowSoB site:

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Lol no that was in Vegas.

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haha, “the good old days” :+1:

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Skirt alert…