The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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I’ve heard some stories from Koreans saying the 70-80s were a magical time for off cuts. They say cuts like oxtail were absurdly cheap. Oxtail soup is really popular in Korean cuisine, and there are legends about Koreans who supposedly started restaurants and were able to source oxtail for essentially free because they were just getting thrown out.

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This one is for you:

Italian London Broil in a marinade of EVO, balsamic vinegar di Modena, and good Japanese soy.

Seered on each side for about 4 minutes then finished in a 275f convection oven for 10 minutes and rested for another 10.

Sliced thinly by hand and tossed in the marinade with sliced fresh garlic, and fresh rosemary, thyme and oregano from the garden.

The purple garnishes are chive flowers, you can eat them.

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Served with a tomato, romaine and basil salad.

And rigatoni in a Bolognese made with bacon, mushrooms, fresh peas and cream.

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Perhaps not the biggest ole’ steak in this thread, but he got the job done. Side of corn just for the hell of it.


I’d eat it :slight_smile:

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Better check done-ness scale first.

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Skirt Steak


Served as part of a parilla with Longaniza, cheesy mash potatoes, and salads


Damn. I haven’t had skirt steak in months. The time is now!

From the other night where I posted in the cooking thread…

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That is one fine looking ribeye.

Corn fed?

What’s the spice mix, it looks a little yellow?

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I’m not a big fan of filet Mignon but I wound up with a few so I broke out another old recipe of mine: Filet Pomodore Picante’. Filet Mignon served over a tempora fried tomato, with buffalo sauce drizzled on the plate and topped with chunk and creamy blue cheese.


rosemary and garlic rub from carter and cavero. It had some sage and thyme I think…great stuff for a ribeye. This thing will beat out the via45 ribeye and it cost me 21 bucks.

So today I am starting my fake dry aging experiment…well it’s aging but 2/3 wet, 1/3Rd dry and takes a third (or less) of the time over some true dry aged steak.

This new ribeye went into fish sauce and I’m doing a 5 day soak. Then a two or 3 day drying process will start. I will see if I can make a steak as good as some reports I’ve read. I’ll report back with pics in a week.

So my goal is to take a decent ribeye and make it into a great one with some funk. I didnt want to buy the best I could for this experiment but I found a decent one at whole foods for 13 bucks. Here is the pic from today and hopefully when done it has lost some weight. If all goes well the beef enzymes and fish sauce will have done their thing and darkened up the meat and tenderized it.

For anyone freaked out about fish sauce, it smells awful. However, it tastes delicious. Don’t smell it but once cooked everything is cool. It’s like natural msg from the ocean lol

@joonjoon have you ever tried this before? I know you’re a steak and fish sauce fan.

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What kind are you using?

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I vaguely recall hearing about this steak aged in fish sauce business but I don’t know anything beyond that. Please report back and let us know how it went! I’ve never used fish sauce with steak beyond using it as a condiment/dressing. By the way, if any of you steak lovers haven’t tried a Thai style beef salad, give it a try! It’s super delicious. Basically it’s steak with a fish sauce/chili/sugar/lime dressing with tons of herbs.

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Carne Asada (skirt steak) tacos.


Wagyu ribeye cap! Holy cow. Pics don’t do this thing justice. It looks like a piece if filet mignon but that is some rolled up cap with a charred up outside.

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Where from? Do tell…


So you want to know about my “beef roll up” eh? Lol.

Let me try to land some more pics tonight. I had wagyu tartare as well with kaluga caviar, truffle aioli, radish, beef fat toast. I had no idea what to make of “beef fat toast” when ordering. Think of bagel crisps that are still crunchy, yet softer, and with a lot more flavor…very nicely done and unique. I should have taken more pics but here is another.

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It’s some sin city steak.

Another good one from Pieros. Hefty steak. They said 30 but this was a larger cut than 30…on special.

Vk all those dry aged steaks were from kansas. I forgot the ranch name though.


OK guys, I pulled the faux aged steak tonight to let it dry now. It appears a little darker to me. I’m color blind so I may not be the best judge. Does it look darker? I’m going to let it rest and dry for 3 days now and hopefully it comes out ok.