The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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As vee say in Sveden, I’ll take the udder von.

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My dinner tonight. Picked up a 6 ounce grass-fed sirloin at Shop Rite. A bit skeptical since it seemed so tiny, especially when shrink-wrapped. One way to practice portion control is to buy a smaller serving of meat. But let me tell you, it had amazing flavor. Would totally buy it again. Came to around $6.50. Made it with roasted potatoes and string beans in garlic and butter. Cooked rare, of course, with a little pat of butter on top.


Nice rare meat porn!

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I won’t even ask how many oz.

I say we move this directly to the Ripp Off thread.


I’m not sure I would dismiss it just yet.

Unfortunately some people are probably going to go online and rant about being overcharged for a “small” steak they didn’t know about. I’m guessing 90% of people don’t realize you eat this stuff rare as hell. So the high price tag, temperature and taste/rarity of this steak may not resonate with a lot of people. In fact, some people just don’t like the texture and fat of these Japanese girls. I happen to love it but I have questions…

How large of a steak
How do they cook it
Is it seasoned…hopefully not duded up
I want to see the actual cut presented to me before cooking (yes they could easily swap it out but I would still ask to see what they are going to serve me)

I’m not saying it is a good or bad deal. I’d just want to know more before dropping 165. For most people, this will probably not be the steak for them unless they know what you are getting into.

@gcaggiano I always see those shrink wrapped steaks and shy away. I will have to give one a shot

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@corvette_johnny Skirt Alert.

Grass fed skirt steak $ 5.97 this week at Best Market:

I’m thinking a little chimichuri, some longaniza from Juanitos, and fire up the grill for churasco!


Nice! Maybe try some whole leaf oregano from juanitos, lime juice , and adobo powder. A tiny bit of oil and you have a simple but tasty marinade. It’s one of my go to skirt dishes…so easy. I prefer it over charcoal…of course :slight_smile:

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Oh ooh, decisions.

Livotis has Flank Steak for $ 6.99 a lb.

Could be good too. Hmm hmm.


Skirt>>>>>>>> flank…all day every day.

I have been meaning to pick up one of those livotti tomahawk veal chops for months now. One of these days

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You and your mooning friend go look at my post in One18 thread. Go tonight! Tell Eddie your my friends. (Yes even you @VikingKaj)


What the hell is a Peter luger style burger? Do they have to say style since it doesn’t come from the actual restaurant?

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Kagoshima beef rib eye at Joel Robuchon Las Vegas.

This was the best piece of beef I’ve ever tasted. Not a huge portion, but part of an 18 course tasting menu.

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Looks like chocolate cake.

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I’m guessing there is a trademark infringement lawsuit lurking somewhere in that question.

By the way the Luger lunch burger is delicious. Road trip worthy.

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If I’m driving to bk it’s going to be for steak lol. I’m sure the burger rocks there though.

How’d those steaks come out? Did you dude them up at all?


Jeff I’m heading to Vegas in 2 weeks for work. Should I try this spot out or do you have anything else in mind? I think I’m looking for something like you had and I might lay off choking down giant tomahawks lol

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Deelishus, thanks. Perfect rare with a warm red center.

$ 5.97 a lb at Foodtown this weekend.

I did the grill shot for a change.

Evo and Adobo pre-grill.

Sea salt and cracked tellicherry black pepper corns after.

Foodtown also had 1st Silver Queen of the season, which was so good.

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More about tellicherry black pepper corns here:

Due to size they cause some issues with the grinders.

But it’s nothing the molcajete can’t fix.


Only served at lunch unfortunately… headed there Wednesday with some clients