The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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Yeah baby…!!! Talk about food porn!! At this stage of my life I would love a poster of that piece of meat over my bed like the Farrah Fawcett bikini poster I had in 1980!


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I was reading today that Prime 13 is opening a location in Asbury Park, not sure where yet and they haven’t disclosed the exact location


OY. Really??? @NotJrvedivici and @BossaNova to the courtesy phone…


@VikingKaj I just saw on the Catch19 Instagram page that they have “A5 rated (Wagyu Beef Ribeye) with certification to show”.

I have no idea how much they are going to charge for this, but I bet it will be $$$$$$$$!

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Catch 19 is one of the places I mentioned in the NJ Ripoff thread for their $5.(?) bowl of popcorn appetizer. If they are charging $5. for a soup cup of popcorn I can only imagine what they are asking for the Wagyu ribeye. lol @VikingKaj time for you to take one for the team.


Rip off central for sure. That’s what jogged my memory on it. We had lunch here around Halloween. Split an app and each got an entree. I had a glass of wine and it was nearly $80. For LUNCH!


Do you have a link or perhaps any other info? I wonder what certificate they claim they have.

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Don’t mean nothing, cause it’s not a protected term in this country.

Amazon is selling this 20 lbs at a time, when there are less than 2,000 cows a year in Japan that make the grade.

I’m guessing Angus Wagyu “A5” hybrids are involved.

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Catch 19 (Blue whatever) jumped the shark three iterations ago…
but apparently couldn’t catch it.

Now they hardly serve fish.

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Just have @NotJrvedivici photo shop one for you. It will probably have more valid information in it.


I’m just wondering what they will show as a certificate.

Jr, want to head over tonight and see what this is about? I’m doubt I will order it but I want to see what they are pitching.

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Like I don’t have a job or anything…gesh!! Ok here’s your certificate!!! (and a link to an actual certificate)

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Nice breed there, the Moo-Moo Cow!


This is the only thing I have on it. Screenshot from Instagram:

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It looks like Junior’s Certificate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nope. Notjr’s is more better.

The rare and desirable Moo-Moo Cow (ムームー雌牛) or Mumu Meushi breed !

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I just called catch. They said NY strip are 165.00

The picture shows a ribeye so who knows. Maybe they have a new cut tonight.


Mumu meushi is related to the the new John belushi wagyu strain. It comes from the matsusaka lineage and they do still let them drink copious amounts of beer. However, these belushi hefers are taken off wheat and soybean in favor of coke. :):joy: